Muslim Men Lynched By Hindutva Mobs in multiple Incidents


Yet another shocking incident. A muslim man aged around 60 years was thrashed to death by an angry mob of extremist Hindu group over false allegation of cattle theft at Simarbani village of Kuchaha panchayat in Araria district on the hours of December 30.

The lynching video became viral, it is when the matter surfaced in media.According to sources the video was in circulation in Araria for two days and only after that, the police woke up from slumber for proper investigation.

The deceased was identified as ‘Sheikh Kabul, who was native of Ranikatta village of Dahgama panchayat, which is neighbouring of kuchaha panchayat. According to cops, Kabul was allegedly caught red handed while fleeing with cattle stolen from the village.

In the video, Kabul could be seen begging for mercy on name of his children while some of the villagers surrounding Kabul, could be heard repeating from behind to ‘finish’ him.


Another Muslim Man Aslam Khan Lynch to Death By Hindutva Mob

India: Another Muslim man lynch to death by Hindutva mob in West Bengal, India. According to details, the incident of Mob lynching happened on September 12 in Salanpur, Asansol, West Bengal. The angry mob of Hindtuva terrorists was accusing the muslim man, Name Aslam Khan for child lifting.

Aslam Khan was dragged and tied to a pole then beaten by angry mob of Hindutva terrorist. They were beating him and accusing to have other companions for child lifting. But Aslam Khan was denying the accusations and saying he didn’t lift up any child. The man was Later taken to the hospital by Asansol police but he couldn’t make to life. Many people posted the video on Twitter with caption “This is India for Muslims”. People who posted the video of Aslam Khan, were asking human rights organisations to raise voice and take steps on the incident.

Since, BJP and Narendra Modi came into power in India, incidents of torture with minorities and mob lynching increased with a significant numbers. Killing of Aslam Khan by Hindutva mob is not the first incident of its kind. In the same month on September 5, 2019 a Kashmiri student name Faiz Mir was beaten to death by angry Hindu mob in Alwar, Rajasthan. The innocent student was forcibly dressed as woman, tied to a pole and beaten to death by Hindutva terrorists.

The incidents of killing muslims on eating beef or for any other little reason became common in India. Same like this incident of Aslam Khan, In the same year of 2019, a Muslim cop was killed brutally by RSS gones for eating beef in Kerala. Human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir have already rissen sharply since August 5 when Indian government revoked Article 35A and Article 370 of Indian constitution.

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