On August 16, 2020, a Man caught on Camera using car wash to take shower on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

Parkland's Car & Dog Wash caught a naked man washing off

Only in Queensland.It was made to clean cars and dogs, but this time, a Queensland car and dog wash caught a naked man washing off on camera. CCTV shows the man receiving a hose down from a mate in one of the washing #7NEWS

Posted by 7NEWS Adelaide on Monday, August 24, 2020
Video: man uses car wash to take shower

Security footage of Sinshine Coast car wash shows the undressed man covering his crotch with one hand as he grabs a water hose at Parkland’s Car and Dog Wash in Queensland.

He then hands the hose to another man who sprays him down while filming the impromptu shower on a phone.


The man is seen jumping up and down as he gets splashed before being chased out by the other man.

Car wash owner Geoff Bowen said the chemicals coming out of the hose would likely have felt “like chili juice on your skin.”

On Facebook the next day, Mr Bowen said they had a great weekend of washing with the new “touchless Storm automatic”.


“We even had a man vs machine incident,” he said.

“Thank you for your patronage and hope you make a speedy recovery.”

He shared the vision of the “golden moments, by popular demand” on Friday.

The car wash has only been open for a few weeks.


The owner said the naked appearance was a “rare event” however the response on social media had been “great”.

“It’s made it a very pleasant atmosphere, a very jovial workplace,” Mr Bowen told

“The word is that he’s fine, his health is fine but he’s not enjoying his new-found fame.

“Business has been so good so I think we’ll give him a few.”


But this time the washes are for his car, not his backside.

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