• Nancy Momoland’s private photos leaked online and sparked outrage on social media as fans are raging over leaked backstage pictures of Nancy Momoland
  • Nancy Jewel McDonie, known professionally as Nancy Momoland, is a Korean-American singer, actress, host, and a member of the girl group Momoland, which was formed in November 10, 2016 through the Mnet’s reality survival show Finding Momoland.
  • Nancy Momoland’s leaked photos show her changing in backstage
  • The leaked photos were first appeared on Discord server and then they were shared on several social media platforms
MOMOLAND’S NANCY’S PICTURES LEAK ONLINE: FANS MAKE #OURRAINBOWNANCY TREND ON TWITTER and raging over leaked backstage photos of Nancy Momoland Changing
Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Twitter

Momoland’s Nancy’s pictures have reportedly leaked online. Fans of the Korean- American singer came to her defense as they made the #OurRainbowNancy trend on Twitter. Many of her fans reporting the Twitter accounts which are sharing Nancy Momoland’s leaked backstage photos.


Momoland is a girls group that was formed by MLD Entertainment. Recently, some private pictures of Nancy (famous by the name of Nancy Momoland) from the Momoland band allegedly leaked and have been circulating online. There are multiple reports that someone from her staff captured the pictures of Nancy when she was changing in an awkward changing room (Many believe it was the backstage of the event).

The leaked photos show Nancy Momoland changing her dress in the backstage before performing in an event.


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A user alleged the pictures were shared on Itzy Discord server with 500 members. From there, the picture was leaked to different social media platforms such as Twitter, reddit and Facebook. A Twitter user @Kpoplewding was the one leading to share the leaked photos of Nancy Momoland. However, after several reports against his tweet, he deleted Nancy Momoland’s leaked photos from his timeline.

“Did you guys know someone leaked photos of Momoland’s Nancy undressing on an ITZY server??? wtf if they got access to photos like that just imagine how it’s possible that they might try to get photos like that of itzy too since it’s dedicated to them,” read one comment.


Apparently it was leaked in an Itzy discord server. I have no clue what this is exactly, maybe another message forum focused on Itzy?

If this is a changing room for female idols, how did a male staff member even get in there? Or was it a female staff member that took the pics?

Users claimed that the picture was clicked while Nancy was changing in a dressing room for the award show. “Nancy from Momoland was changing in an awards locker room when someone took a photo of her without her consent and shared it on a social network, please send the following message to Nancy’s agency to take action,” a user wrote.


“Maybe it was one of those “kpopfap” account dedicated to Itzy. If they have male managers, which most idols do, them being in the dressing room with the idols isn’t that surprising even if it’s only female staff being allowed to touch her,” a fan wrote on Instagram.

Several other users started spreading the same message. They wanted MLD Entertainment to be informed of this news. At the moment, there is no news on who clicked these images. MLD Entertainment has not issued any statement so far.


#OurRainbowNancy started trending on Twitter as several people used this to bring attention to the alleged leaked photos of Nancy Momoland. They have been requesting fans to report any user who might share Nancy’s leaked pictures. At the same time, they have been asking others to mail or tweet MLD Entertainment to investigate the alleged leak.


“Nancy is one of the most beautiful and sweet maknae who deserve all the respect and what is happening right now doesn’t have justification at all and it is very disgusting that there are such people. a lot of support Nancy remember you are a queen,” one Twitter user wrote.


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