Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows have gotten her roasted over the internet

  • Who is Nancy Pelosi?  
  • Why people all over the internet are making fun of her eyebrows? 
  • What is the reaction on Twitter? 
  • let’s drill into the matter 
Nancy Pelosi's eyebrows

Creating fame and then keeping a clean image is becoming more and more difficult these days. Even a little stunt or mistake can put your whole career at the stake. Recently, American politician Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows have made her a laughing stock all over the internet. Moreover, she has been roasted badly on Twitter. People are jokingly commenting on her raised and static eyebrows.

The Video Clip

This week Nancy interviewed with ‘Face The Nation’. In that show, she talked about how the Republicans are undermining the democracy and integrity of elections.

During that show, her eyebrows were raised high and were fixed. Throughout the interview, however, she didn’t let her eyebrows move down even a little. Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows seemed to recede towards her hairline.

They seemed stretched and rather peculiar. Her unusual ‘Eyebrowsing’ triggered a storm of roasting and criticism over the internet.

Roasting on Twitter? 

Apart from the criticism, Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows video clip is trending on Twitter. It has accumulated over 1.6 million views as of today. All by the virtue of her motionless, hilarious eyebrows. 

People made fun by saying that her retirement will quickly be followed by the meeting of her eyebrows and hairline.

Someone said, “Nancy Pelosi’s eyebrows are worse than 9/11 and pearl harbor combined” 

One tweet was capable of sparking deadly laughter. For instance,

A user had painted eyebrows on a Vodka barrel. He said that his art resembled Nancy Pelosi.

For instance,

Most hilarious of all was a tweet from @tweet2MAGA. He dichotomized Nancy’s forehead into American and Canadian territories. While Nancy’s eyebrows were fleeing to Canada, they were caught by the agencies.

For instance,