Narendra Modi Spelling Strength In China during a meeting with Chinese president.

Beijing: Narendra Modi Spelling “Strength” In China during a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The meeting was held on April 27, 2018. During the meeting, Narendra Modi was spelling Strength to narrate his motive as the prime minister of India. But his effort to spell this simple English word turned into fun. Watch the video below.

Video of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi Spelling Strength In China.

Prime minister Narendra Modi of India is already famous for his awkward hugs and handshakes with International leaders. People keep trolling him all around the globe because of these funny actions. But he never tried to speak English in his official meetings or media talks.

His first effort to represent his motive by using an English word “Strength” also turned into a joke when he tried to spell the word “Strength” incorrectly in front of Chinese president and Hundreds of International media reporters.

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Since the video came on media, Public of different countries started making fun of Narendra Modi on his incorrect spellings of “Strength”. Watch how different trollers trolling Modi by editing his video with funny clips from movies and memes.

Video credit: Official PeeingHuman. Modi Vs kid. Kid spelling Bee and Modi Spelling “Strength”.

Twitter users also found trolling him even after the 18 months of incorrect spellings of Narendra Modi.

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