Anchor of Bol Tv Network Dr Fiza Akbar Khan Speaks in the support of Nasir Khan Jan and criticized Sama Tv Anchor Muhammad Shoib and Kiran Aftab for their cheap attitude with an innocent person.

Social media Entertainer Nasir Khan Jan was insulted and humaluated in a morning show of Sama Tv by the hosts Kiran Aftab and Muhammad Shoib. He was invited in the show for a live interview but the attitude of Hosts with Nasir Khan was so non-professional and insulting that video of show became viral on social media. Both Tv Hosts received massive criticism after the video. See Also: Gori Niaz A 20 Years Old Girl Married with 60 Years old man Reality

Here is the Video of That Show from Sama Tv where Nasir Khan was invited and then got insult from hosts of the show.

Response of Socialmedia users on Nasir Khan Jan and Sama Tv Hosts.

Many social media users stood for Nasir Jan and criticized Sama Tv hosts Muhammad Shoib and Kiran Aftab. Criticism was so much that Finally Muhammad Shoib had to apologise for his negative attitude with Nasir Jan. Here are some highlights of social media user’s response.

Who Is Nasir Khan Jan ? 

Nasir Khan Jan
Nasir  Jan a social media entertainer. Image: Twitter.

Nasir Khan Jan is a social media entertainer and social media star. But for many he is not what a star shoud be. Many people take him as a negative impact and make fun of him. But contradiction of Favourite and Non-Favourite, like and dislike is everywhere about every one.  Whatever is his way, that is his own business. But a tv Host shouldn’t insult his guest because of his look or style. That ia what mostly social media users were saying on this Issue.

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