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    Natthy Chilena leaked intimate videos of Mauricio Pinilla and her friend

    Mauricio Pinilla trending online after several videos of him with model Natthy Chilena, and another friend of her, surfaced on Twitter and TikTok. Sergio Rojas and Paula Escobar gave new details of this scandal.

    Mauricio Pinilla and Natthy Chilena videos go viral on Twitter

    the scandal over the publications of Natthy Chilena and her reel Mauricio Pinilla continues more than ever, because the influencer leaked new intimate videos, this time between the former Pinigol and a friend of hers.

    It was the journalist Sergio Rojas who gave the new details in Instagram live , where he commented, together with Paula Escobar , on the controversial present of the face of TVN, one that does not make the executives of the state channel happy at all.

    Watch the video, below


    “I told them that she had many number of videos and photos of Mauricio Pinilla having intimacy,” the Me Late Prime panelist also began on his live with more than 3,000 connected users watching his Instagram stream live.

    Faced with this, Paula revealed that “this behavior cost Mauricio Pinilla dearly, it cost him dearly, his work image. He was a very dear one of the executives of National Television and now they take him out (from Good Weekend)”.

    Intimate videos of Pinilla: With kisses and making a little braid

    On his live, Sergio showed images to explain what his partner was referring to, a record in which Mauricio is seen in a compromising attitude with Natthy’s friend, the other person who was in the commented Pinigol reel: “There he appears kissing the… the lady, something that is very common nowadays in Europe… It is quite normal, it is basically an act of love”.


    “These images are filtered by Natthy Chilena. Filter another one where Mauricio appears behind her friend making a little train that instead of doing ‘chucu chucu’ he did something like ‘ah, ah’ ”, explained Rojas, all images that the influencer uploaded as stories on her Instagram .

    Executives upset by Pinilla controversies

    After showing the screenshots of the videos, Sergio stated that “I understand that when this leaks, the executives say ‘no more, we can’t have Mauricio Pinilla in charge of a program that is family-oriented’”.

    “How do you not notice? Of course, maybe his eyes were somewhere else, he had a look very focused on his target, but how do you not realize that the Chilean Natthy was taking photos of you? “The journalist asked, while Paula commented that “this is already an opinion, but how should you cachai beat Mauricio Pinilla in all the meetings of the guideline?”.

    After laughing at the situation and clarifying that they are not judging anyone, Sergio, citing Infama, read a claim that Pinilla’s neighbors had made to said medium, where they assured that they are bored with the ex-footballer’s parties, and assuring that It has become “a den of put… dr*gs and reel.”


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