Neelam Valley under heavy shelling by Indian Army
A home destroyed in Neelam Valley because of shelling from Indian Army.

Neelam Valley is under heavy shelling by Indian Army. 5 Civilians Martyred so far because of Indian Army’s firing. There are several reports of civilian casualties. 8 to 9 houses also has been destroyed because of non-stop shelling and Firing across the Line of control. Residents of Neelam Valley and Leepa valley posting pictures of destroyed homes and civilian casualties on social media but Electronic media of Pakistan is staying silent on heavy firing incidents across LOC.

Indian army shelling on Neelam Valley and Leepa valley Azad Kashmir
Firing at Neelam Valley and Leepa valley on Line of control.

India just sent 10 thousands fresh troops in Indian occupied Kashmir. It seems that India didn’t learn lesson from February 27 backslashes when two Indian fighter Jets were shot down after crossing the line of control and its pilot Abhinandan was captured by Pakistan army. Which was released later on as a peace gesture from Pakistan.

PM Narendra Modi Came in the government once again and India is trying a misadventure by firing upon civilian population in Neelam Valley and Leepa valley. Neelam Valley is trending in top five trends on social media. Here are the locals who posted a video of Indian Army’s shelling on Neelam Valley resulting destruction of a home.

Neelam Valley is trending on Twitter.
Social media users raising voice against Indian aggression.

In the results of Indian Army’s firing a cow also shot dead.

Pakistani people are angry on the silence of their media about Neelam Valley shelling.

Some locals of Azad Kashmir reported that Indian army is shelling on 8 different spots in MuzzafarAbad district along line of control.

Some locals are posting pictures of shells fell upon civilian population.


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