Latest leaked video of Hareem Shah Tiktok star
This Screenshot image is getting viral on social media and people are claiming that it belongs to New Leaked video of Tiktok Star Hareem Shah.

Social media once again echoed with Hareem Shah leaked video and Hareem Shah Leaked Pictures scandal. People are getting excited afteran alleged intimate video (Claimed as latest Hareem Shah Leaked video) and couple of Screenshots

(allegedly taken from Hareem Shah’s new leaked video) are becoming viral on social media.

Video: Hareem Shah leaked video scandal and details

Many social media users shared the viral Screenshots alleged as Hareem Shah leaked pictures over social media and claimed that “This is confirmed, Hareem Shah”. At the same time, they asked their friends for the Hareem Shah leaked video.

The alleged video shows a girl, resembling Hareem Shah, is riding a horse (A male). The video was captured during an extreme romantic date inside a private apartment. There are more than two people present in the room at the time when video was captured.


The person who captured the video is shooting from behind and from side pose that’s why the girl’s face gives a look which resembles TikTok Star Hareem Shah.

People who watched the only Screenshots think that she is Tiktok star Hareem Shah.

But what are the facts of this latest Scandal of Tiktok star? Keep reading, below.


Hareem Shah Leaked video and Her Response

On June 21, Hareem Shah approached a Tv presenter and YouTuber, Waqar Zaka, and responded to the public about her leaked video scandal, during live streaming on YouTube at Waqar Zaka’s YouTube channel.

Hareem Shah gives response over the leaked video scandal.

While talking on YouTube live with Waqar Zaka, Hareem Shah denied her connection with the recent viral video and viral Screenshots (Claimed as from her new leaked video scandal). Haree Shah said that the girl in the video is not her.

After the interview of Tiktok star, Waqar Zaka has demanded the government authorities to take notice of “DeepFake” videos of Pakistanis including Hareem Shah who is the recent victim.


While speaking on Twitter, Waqar shared his YouTube video (interview of Hareem Shah) in which he addressed the latest controversy involving the TikTok star.

Sharing his video, the Waqar requested law making authorities ban the practice before ministers are targeted in “DeepFake” videos.

Fact behind New Leaked video of Hareem Shah

However, in order to explore the facts of the alleged leaked video of Hareem Shah, we run a reverse image search on Yandex browser and found the same video was uploaded on several p*rn websites with different titles. Most of the titles with this video show that this is a video of an Arabic couple.


We watched the complete video and found that the male and the girl in this video, both are Arabs, not Pakistanis.

Hence it was confirmed that the girl, in the leaked video, and Shown in viral Screenshots, is not Hareem Shah.

We can upload Original video here due to inappropriate content of the video. However, the original and complete video is available on Twitter, you can watch Hareem Shah leaked video here, shared by some Twitter users.


Hareem Shah has An History of Leaked video Scandals

Getting famous from Tiktok videos, then getting to the parliament lodges and Prime minister office by using her fame, Hareem Shah has a history of leaked video scandals.

She was being criticised several times in the near-past due to leaked video and audio calls and other controversies. Earlier last year, Hareem Shah’s original leaked video scandal surfaced on the internet and sparked fantasy among internet users.

Later on, she attracted the attention by shooting an indecent video inside the prime minister office and was criticised massively.


Following her way of attraction, she once again attracted the attention by leaking her video call recordings with Senior Federal ministers including Sheikh Rasheed, Federal Minister for Pakistan Railways. She has also leaked her indecent video call recordings with Shaheen Afridi and many other celebrities and prominent figures.

Looking at her history, New leaked video scandal of Hareem Shah is not a matter of surprise but a fantasy for the public.

Hareem Shah Leaked Pictures

At the same time Hareem Shah leaked pictures are also circulating on social media. Some of Hareem Shah leaked pictures shows the Tiktok star in a pool while she was on tour in Dubai.

Hareem Shah leaked picture 1
Tiktok star Hareem Shah leaked picture image via social media
Hareem Shah leaked picture 2
Image via social media



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