New York Times Exposes Narendra Modi and Delhi Riots Lead by BJP

Video: 5 classic Articles of New York Times exposing Narendra Modi. Video by Umar Inam with Thanks.

Since Narendra Modi and his party BJP came into power, the life of Muslims and other minorities is becoming hell. Hundreds of Muslims lost their lives and properties of thousands of Muslims had been burned by extremist Hindu groups supported by the government.

Also, Watch a mosque Vandalized By extremists Hindus in Jehanabad, India.

For the first time, International media has opened its mouth. Recently, the New York Times has published five articles in a row exposing atrocities of Narendra Modi and his party.

Watch, Delhi Police Along with RSS goons.

In an article, New York Times wrote: “More evidence is emerging that the Delhi police, who are under the direct command of Modi’s government and have very few Muslim officers, concertedly moved against Muslims and at times actively helped the Hindu mobs.”

New York Times published a story of Kaushar Ali, 49, who was beaten up by Delhi police officers on Feb. 24, was visited by his relatives at a hospital earlier this month.

“When Hindu mobs next target a Muslim in any part of the country administered by Mr. Modi’s party, we can be sure that no police will stand in their way,” writes Hartosh Singh Bal in the New York Times.”

Article in “The New York Times.”

The New York Times also published a story of Indian Professor Who Compared Modi to Hitler Is Waiting to Be Jailed.