Video: No more spece in hospitals in Italy. The main hospital in the city of Bergamo, the area in Italy hardest hit by the new coronavirus, is struggling to cope with the high influx of patients pouring in through the doors.

No more space in hospitals in Italy amid excessive numbers of Coronavirus cases. The main hospital in Bergamo, Italy is struggling to handle with overwhelming number of Coronavirus cases.

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This area was hardest hit by new Coronavirus. The intensive Care Unit (ICU) is at full capacity and doctors are stretched. Patients gasping for air keep coming into the hospital and are having to placed on beds in waiting rooms, corridors and even outside in the lawns.

In Italy, no more place in hospitals for Coronavirus patients because they ran out of capacity.
In Italy, Coronavirus patients are waiting in the lawns

When Coronavirus attacks the patent’s lungs, the patient can’t breath on its own. He needs a ventilator to breath. But those who are unlucky to get one, will die.

The death tool in Italy is rising day by day. The total number of deaths in Italy on March 24, were 743, which makes a total of 6820 deaths in Italy alone because of Coronavirus epidemic. And there are still 54,030 Active cases of Coronavirus and adding more every day.


With these massive number of Coronavirus cases, hospitals in Italy ran out of place for any of new patients. People effected with Coronavirus are waiting on the streets, in hospital compounds and lawns.

The circumstances of Italy send a clear warning to those countries who are still not so much effected by Coronavirus “Stay home and take extreme care.”

Pictures of the Italy are becoming viral on social media around the globe and people are requesting their fellow citizens “Please Stay Home and be safe.”




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