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    Noah Cyrus, the ‘Teenage Diva’ succeeding the Cyrus legacy – Everything about Noah Cyrus


    The new sensation, an actress-tuned singer, in the American Music Industry, none other than, Noah Lindsey Cyrus turned 22 on 8th January 2022. This versatile teenage diva is a singer, a songwriter, and an actress. A well-deserved selection for one of Time’s 30 most influential teens when she was just 17. When she turned 21, she was one of the nominees for the Best New Artist in the Grammy Awards 2021.

    Here is everything you want to know about Noah Cyrus’s bio.

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    Cyrus Family Legacy: (Who is Noah Cyrus?)

    Noah is the youngest child of Billy & Tish Cyrus. She is the youngest of her five siblings include Miley, Braison, Brandi, Trace, and Christopher Cyrus. Right, Noah Cyrus and Miley Cyrus are sisters. This gorgeous lady has got so much in fledgling fame with her.

    Career Thoroughfare: (Why Noah Cyrus is famous?)

    Noah displayed her acting skills at the age of 3 when she played the role of Gracie Herbert and turned out to be a young equestrian. When she reached 7, she played a role of a background dancer in Hannah Montana: The Movie. While at the age of 9, she gave her lovely voice to a titular character in the English version of an animated movie named Ponyo. She made her debut in the music industry with her single “Make Me (Cry)” when she turned 16.

    She released her back-to-back singles in the year 2017. The first one was called “Stay Together”. Then, another one was called “I’m Stuck” and then the last one was called “Again”. Then, she released another single at her 18th called “We are…”, while she toured and performed in many collaborations from 2017 to 2018. And 2018 was the year when she released her first EP called Good Cry.

    In the year 2020, she became an overnight sensation when she released her second EP called The End of Everything.

    Noah’s Dumpy Relationship: (Noah Cyrus Boyfriend)

    Noah was spotted dating rapper Lil Xan in 2018 but the relationship didn’t last for long while it was reported that the reason behind that early breakup was her psychological and mental health issues.

    Noah’s Wealth: (Noah Cyrus Net Worth)

    She is a newbie in the industry with an amazing voice and has earned prodigious fame at such a young age. However, According to reports, her net worth is $3 Million. Nonetheless, the sky is the limit.

    Noah’s Melancholy: (Noah Cyrus Mental Health)

    In 2018, Noah had psychological issues when she was facing depression and anxiety, with panic attacks. She admitted that she went to take rehabilitation to address her mental issues. Her music often relates to her sadness and struggles at such a small age.

    Divisive 2020 for Noah Cyrus: (Noah Cyrus Controversy)

    Bye-bye 2020 was a big hi5 with an ambiguous controversy for Noah Cyrus when she spoke out in support of Harry Styles wearing a dress on the cover for a famous fashion magazine and then criticized by conformist commentator Candace Owens. In response, she called Candace a “nappy ass heaux”, stimulating a repercussion against Noah for using a racist term. Afterward, she had to say an apology in a press release.

    Noah as Philanthropist and Activist: (Noah Cyrus Activities)

    On her 13th birthday, she proposed a fundraising campaign to ban the use of horse-drawn carriages in NYC. She has also done an ad with PETA remonstrating the use of animal dissection in high school science classes instead of plastic models or virtual dissection programs.

    Just after the release of her single “Lonely”, Noah Cyrus in collaboration with the Crystal Campaign released a merchandising collection called The Lonely Collection which funds were collected to the Jed Foundation which protects psychological health issues and prevents young and teen suicides in the US.

    The Jed Foundation is a nonprofit that supports the mental health of teens & young adults.