Victim of the torture, Saba

Hujra Shah Muqeem (Urdu: حُجره شاه مُقِيم‎), Depalpur Tehsil of Okara District, Police Station Head Officer (SHO) Anjum Zia accused of rape and torture by a girl ‘Saba’.

According to details, A Girl identified as Saba accused SHO Anjum Zia of Rape and torture. In an interview shared with NewPakWeb, Saba alleged that SHO was raping her for the past 7 years, lured by the promises of marriage. Watch her video statement in the video, below.

Video: Statement of Saba accusing the SHO of rape and torture

She was insisting for marriage since a long time but he was refusing and delaying his promises, Saba Added.

According to her, Anjum Zia called her on his residence and tied her with ropes and tortured her for the whole night.

“In the morning, he asked me to make tea for him. I escaped from the kitchen at that time, Saba added in her statement.”

SHO Anjum Zia suspended after the allegations of torture by Saba

After the allegations made by the girl against SHO Anjum Zia, Punjab police had suspended the SHO and initiated an investigation against SHO regarding her allegations, Punjab police told in its the official statement.

SP investigation ShamsulHaq Durani is the head of the investigation committee. Meanwhile, DSP Saleem Ahmad and DSP Pir Riaz are also in the committee, conducting an investigation about this issue. The investigation committee will present the report within two days.

Another Face of The Story

Many locals belonging to Okara and Depalpur city claimed that police is trying to prove the girl as a professional prostitute. But at the same time other people are claiming that she is a member of a black-mailer group which is involved in Blackmailing the rich people by filming their inappropriate videos.


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