Omani Princess Warns Modi to Expel a million Indian Workers From Oman


Recently, Her Highness Mona Bint Fahd Al Said, an Omani Princess Warned Narendra Modi to expel one million Indian Workers from Oman if Narendra Modi and his government will continue Genocide and atrocities against Indian Muslims.

Mona Bint Fahd Al Said warns Narendra Modi to expel one million Indian Workers from Oman
HH Mona Bint Fahd Al Said warns Narendra Modi in a Tweet.

Addressing to the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, ‘Her Highness (HH) Mona Bint Fahd Al Said’ said “Oman stands with its Muslim brothers and sisters in India. If the Indian Govt doesn’t stop the persecution of Muslims, then 1 million workers living in Oman may be expelled. I will definitely take up this issue with the Sultan of Oman.”

Omani princess threatens to expel A Million Indians from Oman of India doesn't stop the persecution of Muslims in India

In another tweet, HH Mona Bint Fahd Al-Said said: “I have been told that Indian organisation RSS is behind the suffering of Muslims in India. It is supported by the current Govt.
I urge the UN. EU_Commission, OIC_OCI and other prominent bodies to blacklist RSS as a terrorist organization.”

More than a hundred thousand Muslims has been killed in Indian occupied Kashmir and thousands of others in entire India. But The genocide of Muslims by the Indian government will be not tolerated anymore by the Gulf States. Any Indian spreading hate speech against Muslims will be expelled from the gulf.

Since Narendra Modi came into power, Atrocities against Muslims and other minorities in India took a spike and thousands of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Dalits have been killed by RSS, Bajrang Dal and other Hindutva Groups which have the complete support of Indian government and law enforcement agencies. But Indian Muslims are facing the worst brutality by these extremist Hindu groups.

RSS is leading the persecution of Muslims in entire India. Except for Pakistan, the whole Muslim world was silent on these atrocities against Indian Muslims. The reason could be business or unawareness but Recently, Arab youth has started to raise their voices against RSS and Hindutva extremism.

The RSS has been already declared as a terrorist organisation by the United States. In 53 Muslim countries, millions of Indian Citizens (Majority are Hindus) working and sending $120 Billion to India every year. In this way, RSS is Killing Indian Muslims by the money of Muslim countries.

Who is HH Mona Bint Fahd Al Said

HH Dr Mona Fahad Mahmoud Al Said is Assistant Vice Chancellor of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), daughter of H.H Sayyid Fahad bin Mahmood Al-Said (Arabic: صاحب السمو السيد فهد بن محمود آل سعيد‎), Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers in the Sultanate of Oman.

Arab Youth is awakening Against RSS and Hindutva extremism against Indian Muslims.

HH Mona Bint Fahd Al Said is not the only voice for Indian Muslims. It seems that a new Arab spring is on the way and this Arab spring is coming by the Arab youth against RSS and Hindu Extremism.

Earlier this month, Princes Hend Al Qassimi of UAE has kicked out an Indian businessman, Living in Dubai, after his hate speech tweets against Muslims while sitting in UAE.

Here is the tweet from Princess Hend Al Qassimi, a member of the royal family of UAE stating people posting #Islamophobic tweets will be fined and asked to leave the country.

There are other voices from UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and all Gulf states demanding action against RSS against the killing of Muslims in India. Abdur Rahman Nassar is an active voice against RSS.

More young people from all over the Gulf are joining the fight against extremism, and raising their voices against RSS. Below are the tweets of some active Arab youth which is raising the issue of Indian Muslims before the world.

INDIAN Media Came Up With a Fake Twitter Account in The response of Omani Princess’ Threat of Expelling Indian workers from Oman

The threat conveyed by Omani princess to Narendra modi and his prediction of Muslims in India, Indian media responded by creating a fake Twitter account with the name of Princess Mona Bint Fahd Al Said.

Within a few hours, Indian media created a fake Twitter account and claimed that “This is the original Twitter account of Princess Mona Bint Fahd Al Said.”

Rather than responding positively, Indian media started blaming it on ISI (Pakistan’s intelligence agency). “This princess was created by ISI and this is not real princess, one of India’s national Television Channel reported in a bogus way.”

Following the news reporting of that channel, Dozens of Indian social media users appeared on Twitter and started a Twitter propaganda war against Pakistan and holding Pakistani social media users responsible for the warning of Omani Princess.