What is ONLYFANS: Launched in 2016, based in London, OnlyFans is an online content subscription service with over a million members and more than 130 million monthly users. Many celebrities such as Cardi B and Bella Thorne, Most of popular social media influencers have joined it and now it is their primary source of income.

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where users can sell and/or purchase original content.

Beside social media influencers, thousands of sex-workers have also joined Onlyfans and trying to make money by selling their explicit content.

Members, which are Content creators, can earn money from users who subscribe to their content—the “fans”. It allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis as well as one-time tips and the pay-per-view feature.

The platform keeps 20 percent of the income generated by content creators and making billions of dollars annually.

OnlyFans is not only most popular content sharing platforms, but also one of the most controversial. By offering only a website without an official app, creators simultaneously provide their subscribers with videos, photos and even live chat features. From the outset, the platform allowed creators to download all blocked content, including paid content.

Adding to the controversy, OnlyFans bans any users who share the same beliefs as Harvey Milk. What most people don’t realize is OnlyFans is much more than just a website and a content sharing platform. It’s a community. A community that values personal interaction and freedom of speech. A community of people who have similar interests and desires. And for many, OnlyFans is the only place they can go to be completely free to express themselves without fear of censorship.



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The 29-year-old Perth model, known for her beautiful selfies, has more than 2.7 million followers on Instagram. By OnlyFans she is making $30,000 a day. To access a fitness influencer account in Australia, you can purchase a subscription for $5 per month.


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This 22-year-old Toronto model is the face of several beauty and lifestyle brands. When she’s not working, she likes to ride her bike and go to punk rock shows. She earns six figures from OnlyFans – and over $100,000 from other platforms.


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The Love Island reality TV star wasn’t happy when OnlyFans’ ban on obscene content – which she later rescinded – hit the headlines. “It made me want to launch an app that protects sex workers,” she told Britain’s newspaper.


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Safaree Samuels’ wife Erica Mena says she does OnlyFans for fun, according to 105.1 radio station The Bounce… and earns $4.49 million a month as a result“.She has acquired a huge Instagram account for OnlyFans and charges a relatively high monthly subscription of $25.99.” In the end, OnlyFans paid her more than 3 million fans which translates to an income of over US$39,000 per day (assuming everyone who subscribed to her service paid the fee).

Mena has over 14 million followers and posts almost daily. Some of her posts are NSFW and many of them include revealing shots of her body. Her page is updated several times per day with new photos. She sometimes features other adult stars and models in her posts.


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Porn star One of the highest-paid female porn stars in the world, Mia Khalifa signed on with OnlyFans in March 2016 and charges a relatively US$12.99 per month.

Mia Khalifa’s OnlyFans account has more than 4.3 million followers and she posts several times per day. Like other top adult stars, Mia posts revealing (NSFW) photos of herself on her page.


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(Real name: DeAndre Cortez Way), singer/rapper, popular by his stage name Tyga, seems to have created his famous OnlyFans account after a leak of pictures of his soldiers went viral. He regularly shares pornography for $20 a month, and was very offended after OnlyFans announced that he would no longer post such content.”


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(Full name: Belcalis Marinajet-Barrera), rapper/singer. At the beginning of 2015, she was a regular on MTV’s Making It series which followed her as she tried to become a star. She dropped out of the show in the middle of the fourth season after appearing in only one of the 18 episodes. She released her debut album

She got her start in the group “Bridgette B” with her cousin, Monica, before going solo. Cardi B’s music is heavily influenced by hip-hop and she often raps about sex, drugs, and the streets. In 2018, Forbes named her the highest paid rapper of all time.


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Born in Guam, singer Pia Mia Perez started her career on YouTube. Now, she’s a staple in pop culture with healthy OnlyFans to show it off. Signing up is free but expecting good things will cost you dearly She’s 24 years old.


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A personal and professional partner of Nicki Minaj, hip hop star Safaree Samuels is now married to Erica Mena, another OnlyFans winner. He seems to show up every night at 9:00 PM EST for “AfterDark Talk“. Will you join him? He is 40 year old. Her estimated Income: $1.91 million per month.


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Reality television star Blac Chyna is currently a top earner on OnlyFans, allowing fans to subscribe for $19.99 per month and obtain access to all or any her content, including X-rated photos and videos that cater specifically to specific fetishes like feet.

Blac Chyna is one of those people who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was raised in a wealthy upper middle class family in the city of Covina, California. Her father is Ron Chyna, a dentist, and her mother, Evelyn Chyna, is a homemaker.

As a teenager, Blac was heavily influenced by the music and style of hip-hop. This eventually lead her to become very close friends with rapper The D.O.L.

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