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    Orange beach shark video – hammerhead shark chasing stingray near shore in Orange Beach


    A hammerhead shark showed out in Orange Beach Monday morning. The massive creature swam super close to the shore and was caught on camera chasing some stingrays.

    Screenshot image of Orange beach shark video

    The video has nearly 10,000,000 (ten million) views on Facebook.

    Catarena Peek said she and her boyfriend, Alec Deshotel come to Orange Beach every year, but this will be a trip to remember for the Texas natives.

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    “This is the first time we have ever seen anything like this for sure,” said Deshotel, “I look out the window…and there it is. Massive 10 to 12-foot Hammerhead, whatever it is, I don’t know but it was a big one. We don’t know how big it was but it was massive.”

    Orange Beach, Al.-Huge Hammerhead Shark feeding in surf
    video: Hammerhead shark appears at Orange beach

    The massive shark showed off its speed by chasing stingrays in the shallow part of the Gulf. In the video, the few people in the water scrambled to get out.

    Peek said, “There was some man down there screaming that there was a shark and I guess they finally saw the dorsal fin and they realized how close he started getting so they started jumping out of the water as fast as they could.”

    Peek said she started recording because it had been the second shark they had seen from their ten-story balcony at only 10 am. Her video took off on Facebook very quickly.

    “I just ended up videoing it and it was a really cool video so I just posted to Facebook thinking a couple hundred of my friends would find it kind of cool and then all of a sudden, I looked down at my phone and it was over 100,000 views and I was like, Oh, that’s pretty cool.”

    Another video of the same shark has been posted on Facebook which was recorded at the second time shark appeared on Orange beach.

    Peek and Deshotel said the sighting didn’t keep them from getting in the water. Peek is a certified diver and said she’s swam with sharks her entire life. Deshotel said he sees sharks while deep sea fishing. Still, this was a first for both of them.

    “Once in a lifetime kind of experience for sure. It was just really cool to watch,” the couple said.