Sixty homes and more than hundred people burreid under snow after an avalanche hit a village in Neelam Valley
More than sixty homes were burreid under heavy snow in Neelam Valley.

During the past few days, heavy snow and land sliding caused a huge loss of lives and property in several areas of Kashmir. Sixty homes were buried under heavy snow in Neelam Valley. As always, the Pakistan Army launched a rescue operation to help people out of snow.

Video: Soldiers of Pakistan Army helping people out of the snow during a rescue operation in Neelam Valley.

During the rescue operation, soldiers take out a man alive who was buried under snow After a glacier slipped over his house. In the video above, it can be seen that soldiers were removing the snow by their hands in order to save the people from getting injured by a steel tool.

Pakistan army is conducting similar rescue operations in Balochistan and other parts of the country which are affected by heavy snowfall. The army is clearing roads and helping the passengers who were stuck in the snow.


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