Prime Minister Imran Khan just Launched Pakistan Banao Certificate scheme for overseas Pakistanis. The certificates are an initiative for overseas Pakistanis. They can earn profit and also help Pakistan in the financial crisis, country is facing these days Here is how you can Register for the scheme.

Eligibility and Profit Ratio.

Eligibility for Pakistan Banao Certificate scheme is as follow.

Those Individuals who have any one or more of following documents and having own bank account abroad, are eligible to subscribe the PBCs.

  • Pakistani individual having Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  • Pakistanis having National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP).
  • Those who have Pakistan Origin Card (POC).

Minimum Investment Amount:

Minimum investment for PBC is $5000, but there is no maximum limit. You can invest as much you want but in multiple integrals of US 1000.

Profit Ratio of PBCs.

Pakistan Banao Certificates (PBC) is a sovereign US Dollar denominated retail level instrument, for Pakistanis having bank accounts overseas. The PBC is the first sovereign retail instrument being offered by Government of Pakistan (GoP) that allows overseas Pakistanis to contribute in their country’s development and earn handsome returns. The PBCs are available for 3 years and 5 years maturity with profit rates of 6.25 percent and 6.75 percent per annum respectively payable semiannually. The salient features of these certificates are as under:

Transfer of Funds:

The investor will remit the intended investment amount from his/her own account outside Pakistan to the SBP account with National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) New York to be notified to the investors on completion of investment details on the portal.

Investors are requested to ensure that the funds reaching the SBP account with NBP New York are equivalent to their intended investment amounts net of bank charges, if any.

Types of of Instruments. 

PBCs is a scrip-less instrument enlisted in the Securities General Records Record (SGLA) kept up at State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). PBCs so issued will dwell in a Financial specialist Portfolio Security Record (IPS) of the speculator, in order to monitor venture of every individual speculator.

Launching Ceremony of PBCs.

Pakistan Banao Certificate scheme is a initiative of PTI government specifically for overseas Pakistanis. Overseas Pakistanis can earn profit from this scheme. But with the profit they can help Pakistan’s Economy grow up. For Registration Link Scroll down Little above 2nd Image.

Pakistan Banao Certificate
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Initially Pakistan Banao Certificate Scheme was giving profit in Rupees, But Asad Umar included that they can take their profit in US dollar also.

I will Advise Overseas Pakistanis to take profit in Pkr. IMRAN Khan said In his speech.

I love overseas Pakistanis more because I was also an overseas Pakistani for a long time of my career. Imran khan

Since Before coming into power Imran Khan was always adoring overseas Pakistanis.

Purpose of Launching Pakistan Banao Certificates

Imran khan during his speech revealed the purpose of Launching Pakistan Banao Certificates for overseas Pakistanis. He told that I was aware that economic conditions of Pakistan are bad, but I realised the worst economic situation after coming into the government. But along with bad situation I also realised how much potential Pakistan has. Giving hope of better days Imran Khan said, that balance of payment crisis has been eased now, but we are making long term policies to make the economy strong.

Imran Khan Invites all overseas Pakistanis to buy these Bonds and help Pakistan’s economy to get stable.

Asad Umar also Invited the overseas Pakistanis to earn profit and help Pakistan by these Certificates.

You Can Get Register for the Scheme Here on Government Website.

Pakistan banao Certificate
Image source: Munafa Apka, Mustaqbil Pakistan ka.

Finance Minister Asad Umar Explains The Pakistan Banao Certificate Scheme

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Public Responses on The Scheme.

Imran Khan Invites Polio team in his office.


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