Pakistani Doctor Tells Simplest Home Remedy Against Coronavirus


‏گل ای مکا دتی پاکستانی ڈاکٹر نے کہ گرم ہوا یا گرم بخارات لیں تو کرونا اگر نوازشریف جتنا بھی کرپٹ ہوا تو مر جائیگاپاکستانی ڈاکٹر تجھے سلام

Posted by Broken News Official on Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Video: Simple Home Remedy Against Coronavirus.

A Pakistani doctor working in Um-ul-Qura hospital, Makkah, Saudi Arabia, tells a simplified home remedy against Coronavirus. He told in a short video, that we should take hot air (By using hair dryer) or take steam. He also suggested drinking tea or hot drinks.

This will increase the temperature inside our nose and throat. As Coronavirus stays in our throat before attacking lungs (according to initial research), it will not survive the hike in temperature.


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