Pakistani Model Samra Chaudhry video leaked

Pakistan Model Samra Chaudhry is another viral figure After Rabi Pirzada

who’s leaked video scandal creating fantasy on social media. In the month of November, another scandal emerging on social media as Pakistani Model Samra Chaudhry’s inappropriate videos leaked and became viral on social media and in WhatsApp groups. Pakistani People started searching and asking for Samra Chaudhry’s leaked videos.

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Samra Chaudhry‘s Biography

Samra Chaudhry (Samra Chaudhary) is a Pakistani Television artist and a model girl from Lahore. She is not very famous in showbiz yet. That could be one of the reason because of which she was found filming her private videos in order to gain cash. She appeared in an advertisement for a Pakistani media and advertisement company “422 Talent Management” in May 2019.

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Private video of Pakistani model Samra Chaudhry. Video credit: 422 Talent Management.

Samra Chaudhry’s Leaked Videos and Details

According to details, four intimate videos of Pakistani Model girl Samra Chaudhry (ثمرہ چوہدری), also known as Samra Chaudhary, leaked on social media. One of the leaked videos shows that Pakistani model is dancing in inappropriate dress along with another girl and in the second video, she was dancing alone without any clothes.


Meanwhile, in the third leaked video, Samra Chaudhry is with some masked man and doing inappropriate actions. The face of the man was covered in a mask and was made blurred to hide his identity, however, Samra Chaudhry’s face is clearly showing in her leaked private video.

Samrah Chaudhry leaked Video

Of course, We can’t post those videos here because of the sensitive scenes, but all 4 videos were uploaded on several famous websites and on some Twitter accounts. Watch Samra Chaudhary’s Leaked Video in the Link Below or In the Caption of the First image of this Page.


Watch Here.

Pakistani Model samrah Chaudhry’s Leaked video.
Video: Pakistani Model Samra Chaudhry’s private videos leaked

Two famous Publications “Daily Pakistan and Bol News” also reported about the leaked private videos of Pakistani model Samra Chaudhary. According to “Daily Pakistan” the videos of Samra Chaudhry (Samra Chaudhary) were filmed six months before in a hotel in Lahore. She made those videos with her all consent in order to get money. Videos were later uploaded on several websites. After Rabi Pirzada’s viral scandal, some social media users posted these videos and made them viral on Facebook and Twitter.

Daily Pakistan Reports Leaked sex videos of Pakistani Model Samra Chaudhry.
Image: Daily Pakistan News Paper.

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Some sources reported that it was an organised racket which lures the girls like Samra Chaudhary into the porn industry, films them and sale their videos onto famous porn websites. Several more Pakistani model girls were lured into the industry and were filmed with their consent in the return of cash. Samra Chaudhry is also one of those girls who was filmed by alleged racket during inappropriate actions.

Samra Chaudhry Videos and Public Reactions

Social media eventually reacted to Samra Chaudhry video scandal with excitement. Many Twitter users who have happened to watch the leaked videos stated posting hilarious jokes in order to create suspense in their friends. While other people were asking for intimate videos of Pakistani model. Watch some interested reactions of Twitter users on Samra Chaudhry’s Leaked Videos, below.

Samrah Chaudhry is next in the leaked video series
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