“A Pakistani politician has married to his Son’s girlfriend, Hamid Mir said in a video during a talk show on a news channel.”

Video: A Pakistani politician has married to his Son’s girlfriend.

Islamabad: Here’s a video of a news debate show from Rose News. The video has gone viral on social media due to its explosive content.

In the video, Pakistan’s top journalist Hamid Mir can be seen talking about a Pakistan’s politician who married his son’s girlfriend.


He was actually talking about double standards and Media’s Hypocrisy regarding Imran Khan compared to other politicians.

Those days when this debate was aired, Whole media was talking about the divorce between Imran Khan and Reham Khan. Hamid Mir said “I will not comment on their divorce. It is double standard of our media that we don’t talk about other politicians even here is a some Pakistani politician who married to his Son’s girlfriend. Due to this marri, son and the father have soar relationship.

Hamid Mir However, didn’t reveal the name of that specific politician but he hinted that most of people in Pakistan’s media industry are aware of that politician.


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