Panic! At The Disco Avoids Mass Panic After Fire Breaks Out During Concert – Viva Las Vengeance Tour fire breakout

    Panic! At The Disco Avoids Mass Panic After Fire Breaks Out During Concert. A fire broke out in the Panic! At the Disco, and people were relaxed and avoided mass panic.

    Panic! At The Disco lived up to its name on Wednesday night during a tour stop in Minnesota, when the fire broke out on stage with fans just feet away.

    Panic! At The Disco Avoids Mass Panic After Fire Breaks Out During Concert - VivaLasVengeanceTour fire breakout

    Fans took a video and posted it on Twitter showing a fire breaking out in the stage corner at St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center as loud music played. It looks like a staff member put out the fire while Brendon Urie’s band kept playing.

    A YouTube video shows 35-year-old Urie dancing with flames in the background, seemingly oblivious to the chaos as fans start to yell “Fire!”

    Panic! At The Disco Avoids Mass Panic After Fire Breaks Out During Concert

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    What is Panic! At the Disco?

    Brendon Urie, an American musician, is the only member of Panic! at the Disco. It started as a pop rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, and Brent Wilson, who had known each other since they were kids, put the band together in 2004. When they were in high school, they made their first demos.

    What is Panic! At the Disco?

    Soon after, the band recorded and released A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, their first studio album (2005). The second single, “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” helped spread the word about the album, which was given a triple platinum rating in the US. In 2006, founding bassist Brent Wilson was kicked out of the band while they were on an extended world tour, and Jon Walker took his place.

    The single “Nine in the Afternoon” came out before the band’s second album, Pretty. Odd., which came out in 2008. The sound of that album was very different from how the band’s first album sounded. Ross and Walker left the band because Urie and Smith wanted to change the style even more. Ross and Walker liked the band’s new direction. They went on to start a new band called the Young Veins. This left only Urie and Smith in Panic! at the Disco.

    Fire Break Out in the Concert – Entertaining Fire Breakout

    Panic! At The Disco’s most recent show got too loud on Wednesday when a fire broke out on stage while people were only a few feet away.

    During Brendon Urie’s “Viva Las Vengeance” tour stop in St. Paul, Minnesota, a fire broke out, so they say. Panic! At The Disco was a rock band with Urie and his friends, but when the only other band member, Spencer Smith, left in 2015, it became Urie’s solo project.

    Fans took videos of a fire in the corner of the stage while music played over the speakers at the Xcel Energy Center.

    One fan said the fire came from a pyrotechnics machine on stage, which a staff member put out.

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