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    Parents Hammer Video – A son beat his father with the hammer

    Parents hammer video is trending on Reddit. A son murder*d his father with the hammer and shot the footage while beating his father with the hammer.

    A Russian kill*d his father when they were on vacation in Turkey and uploaded a video on social media platforms. While on holiday in Turkey, a Russian tourist killed his father with a hammer and filmed it.

    The article says that the Russian, who was on vacation in one of the five-star hotels in Antalya, Turkey, had a fight with his elderly parents for no clear reason. During a fight, a young man took out a hammer and killed his father by beating him to death. Then he hurt his mother very badly. In the end, the killer used wire to kill both of them. He made a video of everything that happened.

    A son beat his father with the hammer

    The tourist turned on loud music in the room to drown out the screams of the parents. After what happened, he ran away from the hotel in an unknown direction.

    The hotel staff found the bodies. They called the police and the ambulance to help. Experts found that the Russian man’s father was hurt so badly that he died right where he was. The mother was taken to a private hospital because she was hurt very badly. But no matter how hard the doctors tried, they couldn’t save the woman.

    The Turkish police started an operation to catch the Russians. Photos of the man, who was said to have a mental disorder, were sent to both the gendarmerie in Antalya and the local police.


    Parents Hammer video

    Parents hammer video on social media is trending because it contains a horrific murd*r. A person kill*d his parents with a hammer and uploaded a video on Reddit with the name “parents hammer video.” You can read the facts which contain in the video below.

    Parents Hammer Video - A son beat his father with the hammer

    On Monday, Turkish police caught a Russian tourist who had killed his parents. D.S. At a hotel in the southern province of Antalya, where he was on vacation with his parents, he attacked his 62-year-old father and 64-year-old mother with a hammer after an argument on Saturday night. The father died at the scene, and the mother died Sunday night because she was beaten brutally.

    After the attack, local police put together a team to look for the suspect, and the suspect put out a video in which he “confessed.” Turkish media said that in the video, the suspect said he killed his father because he tortured him when he was a child. The suspect, who had a history of mental health issues, also said he didn’t feel bad about killing his father.

    Parents Hammer Video

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