Pastor Wilson Leaked Video eating the box of another woman.
Image: Twitter.

Pastor Wilson eats the box Video emerged on social media a few days before. The video was first shared on Twitter with the caption “Pastor Wilson out here doing the lords work,” on Monday afternoon, October 16, 2019. The video of Senior Pastor of the Bible Way Ministries & World Out Reach, Inc. in Texas, U.S, Pastor David Wislon, went viral on the internet worldwide.

The leaked video of Pastor David Wilson of Texarkana, Texas, shows that he was licking P*ssy of a womam, who is not his wife. Surprisingly, he continued licking for a whole minute without taking a breath. Watch “Pastor Wilson Leaked Video” in the link, given below.

Watch the Video here

Pastor Wilson Barber shop video

Later on, Several social media pages posted the video with another caption “Pastor Wilson eats the box video“. Watch a reaction on the Tweet below. (For another link of Pastor David Wilson cheating Leaked Video “eating the box of another woman”, Keep reading below).

Thousands of Tweets and Facebook posts with Hilarious jokes, funny memes and many thousand comments were posted within three days after the Pastor David Wilson’s cheating video became viral, who is a seniar Pastor in Texarkana, Texas, United States. Read more details about Pastor Wilson of Texas, Below in Bio section.


Tens of Thousands of people commented on the video with comments like “Married Pastor Wilson eating the Box of another woman”. “Pastor Wilson eats the box Video” started an argument on social media because he is a Pastor (preacher) and married but eating the Box of another woman. Which mean he is totally going against his own preachings. Several people called him hypocrite. Twitter and Facebook took action and removed the video from most of the accounts but leaked video of Pastor Wilson still available here. Follow the link below, to watch Pastor Wilson eating the Box Video.

Watch: Pastor’s eating box video here.

“Pastor Wilson Eating the box” Leaked Video and more details

According to more details: It seems that the woman who was enjoying his tongue job released the video on social media. But during the licking p*** of the woman, Pastor Wilson raised his head and looked towards the camera, which means that he was well aware of being recorded.


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After the video went viral on Social, and a massive criticism on Pastor Wilson unleashed, Pastor Wilson E David Reacted by a video message. He said: “nothing wrong in eating Clean, healthy good P***, it is healthy for you”. He included that “I am a Pastor who likes good P*ssy”. Watch the video of his response below.

“Pastor Wilson eats the box video” and his response.

After his video message, the social media reacted again with making fun of his video statement. Some Twitter users quoted that “preachers too should eat”. After hilarious comments on social media, Pastor Wilson E David reacted once again with the following video message. Watch the video of Pastor Wilson E David, Below.

Pastor Wilson Leaked Video eating the box of another woman.

The Woman In “Pastor Wilson eating the box video”.

After looking deep into the scandal, the social media trollers found the alleged girl in “Pastor Wilson Leaked Video” on social media. Corinthia Edwards (alleged girl in the video) also belongs to Texarkana, Texas. She is using Facebook also with the same name as “Corinthia Edwards” with 248 followers. Below is her picture and screenshot of her Facebook profile.

The girl in Poster Wilson Leaked Video.
Image: Screengrab of Corinthia Edwards.

Bio of Pastor Wilson E David.

Pastor David Wilson (Pastor Wilson E David) is the senior pastor of Bibleway Ministries and World Out Reach Inc. He attended Southwest Bible College and Seminary.


According to his LinkedIn page, Wilson also operates a consulting business in Texarkana. He was the leader of the Black Chamber of Commerce in Texarkana. He spoke about his role in an interview with the Plainview Daily Herald. Wilson said, “We’re just happy to be in a new location and doing bigger and better things.


Social Media reactions on :Pastor Wilson Eating the box” video.

Social media gone busted with thousands of funny jokes, memes, and arguments on “Pastor Wilson eating the box video” and his statements after that. Twitter users were even running trends like #PastorWilsonChallenge and #pastorwilson. Watch some funny memes, trolls and tweets below while trolling on Pastor Wilson Leaked Video.


Come to think of it,,, Pastor Wison deserves a Headies award🤩
Don’t ask me why🙄😜

A reaction on Poster Wilson Leaked Video

I would have saved your name as Pastor Wilson, but I don’t have you.. but I won’t mind being Pastor Wilson’ed #PastorWison #PastorWilsonChallenge

This girl loved Poster Wilson eating the box video.
Trolling on Pastor Wilson eating the box video.
This Twitter user is surprised to see a “licking emoji” on her Facebook newsfeed.

But this Twitter user @Blaqgoldgold loved the tongue work of Wilson and she desires a Pastor Wilson in her life to eat her box. Watch her tweet, Below.

Watch this funny tweet with the hashtag of #PastorWilsonChallenge, below.

Never knew plenty of our girls love the headies until Pastor Wilson got Exposed.

What people found interesting in a leaked video of Pastor Wilson was “eating the box of a woman for one minute continuously”. Men see it a challenge. As this Guy below says “all men are coward including me because no-one could challenge the Pastor Wilson”.

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