US president Donald Trump is being called Anti-christ after Pat Robertson claims Trump will be re-elected and End times will begin after he has sworn

US president Donald Trump is being called Anti-christ after Pat Robertson said “Trump will be re-elected and then the End Times will begin.”

Trump is being called anti-christ on Twitter after the so-called prophecy of Pat Robertson

On October 20, 2020, Speaking on his 700 Club TV show this Tuesday, evangelist Pat Robertson had some bittersweet news for supporters of President Trump. Robertson says God told him Trump will be reelected, but the End Times will start soon thereafter.

According to Robertson, Trump will face challenges from the Chinese, a nuclear-armed North Korea, the Russians — “after Trump is sworn in, we’re going to see civic disobedience in America that will just be mind-boggling.” He then cited more than one passage from the Bible to back up his assertions about future world events.

Robertson said that after these tribulations, there will be a “great spiritual revival” all over the world, proceeded by a period of peace — and then possibly an asteroid hitting the earth, bringing about the End Times.

Watch the Complete Video, below.

Video: Pat Robertson claims “Trump will be re-elected and then the End Times begin.”

Is Trump anti-christ?

Soon after the statement of Pat Robertson, Twitter has been flooded with people calling Donald Trump “Anti-christ.”

“The Bible say it’s the Anti-Christ who will bring about the “End Times.” Pat Robertson just declared Donald Trump the Anti-Christ, a Twitter user wrote in a tweet.”

Watch more tweets, calling Trump “anti-christ” below.

Today, when Pat Robertson apparently endorsed Trump for Anti-Christ, and considered that a good thing, best I can tell.

“Pat Robertson identifies Trump as the anti-Christ and Melania as a harlot. In a bizarre rationalization Christians are voting for TЯump bc he’s Satan and god’s plan isn’t good enough so they want to rush the “end of times”. #antichrist #patrobertson, Twitter user Squire wrote in a tweet.”

There are hundreds of other people calling Donald Trump “the anti-christ” following Pat Robertson’s so-called Prophecy.”

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