People Demands Arrest Marvi Sirmed Under Section C-295 after her Blasphemous Remarks

Twitter in Pakistan has started blowing up with #ArrestMarviSirmed_295C, asking for authorities to arrest Marvi Sirmed for violation of Section 295-C, of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), by giving Blasphemous remarks about Hazrat ISA A.S (Prophet Christ).

Blasphemous remarks of Marvi Sirmed about Hazrat Isa A.S
Screenshot of Marvi Sirmed’s Blasphemous tweet

Section 295-C specifically pertains to use of derogatory remarks in respect of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and other prophets. This is a crime punishable by death. However, there must be a trial presided over my a Muslim judge.

The reason people are asking to arrest Marvi Sirmed is because of a satirical tweet she made that was considered derogatory in nature towards Hazrat Isa (AS).

Original Tweet of Marvi Sirmed which sparked outrage

Meanwhile, after the outrage on her Blasphemous remarks, Marvi Sirmed has been trying to justify her tweet saying that it was meant to shine light on the forces that violate all norms of decency, consitution and law by disappearances, murder and torture.

Marvi Sirmed tries to justify her remarks by another satirical tweet

However, netizens are having none of it and this time they’re truly mad at Marvi for mentioning Hazrat Isa (AS) in a satirical way to make a point, calling it unacceptable and an insult.

This is the reaction of Twitter asking authorities to arrest Marvi Sirmed using the hashtag #ArrestMarviSirmed_295C. Watch the tweets, below.

Twitter user Fareed Ahmed Sheikh wrote in a tweet, reads: “There might be problems people face but one should not use the names of our Prophets, that is completely insane.ArrestMarviSirmed_295C.”

Another Twitter user, Ali Baigal Gilgiti wrote, tweet reads: “

She really need to Arrest now, she is getting to much advantage of social media.. There should be some Law to spread such hatred. Pathetic lady #ArrestMarviSirmed_295C.”


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