Pervert Indians Make Fun Cheering the Deaths After PIA Plane Crash


Dozens of Indians spotted making fun of PIA Plane crash and celebrating the deaths of innocent pessanngers who have lost their lives in the sad incident.

Indians make fun of PIA plane crash and celebrate the deaths of innocent pessanngers
Pakistan International Airlines passenger plane crashes in Karachi

A Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 flying from Lahore has crashed in the densely populated Model Colony residential area of Karachi.

Flight PK8303, carrying 91 passengers and eight crew, crashed on approach to the busy Jinnah International Airport.

The provincial health minister said at least 35 people had died, but a far higher toll is feared. At least two passengers are confirmed survivors.

Besides the sad incident of plane crash and lost of lives, disgusting attitude was observed on social media where dozens of Indian citizens were making fun of PIA plane crash and showing joy over deaths of innocent lives.

Indian journalist make fun of plane crash
An Indian social media uaer Umendra Journalist makes fun of deaths of pessanngers who lost their lives in the plane crash. Image: Screengrab from Twitter
Nandan shah tweets joy over deaths of pessanngers in PIA plane crash
Indian citizen trolls over the news of Pakistani pessannger aircraft crash
Alita Angel, an Indian citizen comments over the news of Pakistan’s pessanngers aircraft crash

This disgusting attitude was noticed by many people on social media worldwide and they condemned the Indians who were making fun of the PIA plane crash and Cheering deaths of innocent lives lost in the crash.

An American journalist, Carin Jodha Fischer, Condemned those Indians and said: “A nation of perverted minds! Simply disgusting!!!”

“While people are crying out loud & search for their children in the debris in Karachi, the despicable Hindutva brigade can’t control their cheering! It’s no isolated event. The hate for Pakistan runs in these people’s veins. Gross. Disgusting. Utterly inhumane, Another Twitter user Bea wrote while sharing the screenahots of Indian’s tweets.”

See more condemning tweets, below.