Instagram account Pgtalal has invented an hack which will freeze your phone if you click on its highlights

The Instagram account @pgtalal has a highlight where if you click it, it freezes your whole phone and you have to force restart your phone. Here is all about the Pgtalal Instagram hack and how to fix your phone after it gets frozen by clicking its highlight.

Screenshot of Pgtalal Instagram account
Image via Instagram

What is “Pgtalal Instagram hack”

During the past few days, a trend is emerging on social media where users ask you to visit Instagram and search for an Instagram profile with username @pgtalal and click its first highlight. @Pgtalal is an Instagram account with almost 35 thousand followers (it has gained more than 20 thousand new followers since the hack became viral on social media).

During the past few days, hundreds of posts emerged on Twitter asking people to find the Instagram user @pgtalal and click on their first highlight.


People, who have tried to click the said highlight on pgtalal’s Instagram account, are complaining that their photos got frozen after that and they had to struggle with their phones to bring them back to normal.

A Twitter user “William” wrote on Twitter “@OrdinaryGamers there’s this Instagram post where if you click on it temporarily freezes your phone. It’s the story on the “pgtalal” account. I’m really curious as to how this works and whether or not it might include any kind of virus. If anyone can explain it it’s you! Thanks.”


Another Twitter user wrote “i went to watch pgtalal instagram highlights and my phone froze.”

“yeah pretty sure its a binary exploit, i downloaded the raw picture data and found long strings of data, could be buffer overflow, im gonna try recreate it,” added another user in the reply to the first Tweet.

One more user wrote: “Friend posted on his story last night saying to click it. Lol. I was terrified, I had no idea what was happening to my phone especially since it’s already f**ked up.”


Some users are even luring people to click on the pgtalal’s Instagram highlights by false statements. For example, one Twitter user wrote “check Instagram highlights and report it on @pgtalal they’re leaking megan’s stuff.”

See the tweets, below.



Their are multiple Instagram accounts with similar usernames. But the username of real Pgtalal Instagram account is @pgtalal and it has only two highlights with Arabic captions which translates as “This is sweet and this is very sweet.” I have uploaded the screenshot of real Pgtalal’s Instagram account, above.

HOW DO YOU FIX your phone in case you have clicked @Pgtalal Instagram highlight?

Let’s suppose, you’ve searched @pgtalal on Instagram, clicked on the first highlight and now you’re panicking because your phone is frozen (hanged).


Don’t worry, all you need to do is reboot (restart) it and your phone will be back to normal.

On an iPhone, you need to press and quickly release the volume up button, then press and quickly release the volume down button, then press and hold the sleep/wake button.

Then, when the Apple logo appears, release the button and your phone will reboot (restart). This is how you fix your phone after getting it frozen in the result of above Action.



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