• Sunglasses brand “Pit Viper” faces backlash over an Instagram post they shared on this Easter Sunday and the comments they made on the Easter.
  • People say “Pit Viper Easter post and Easter Comment” is mocking Jesus and joking about Easter
  • Many people seen breaking the sunglasses of the brand as the reaction of Pit Viper Easter post
  • Some people Assume that the Instagram page of the brand was hacked
Sunglasses Brand Pet viper said something about Easter and Jesus in their post on Instagram on Easter Sunday which sparked backlash

Pit Viper Easter post or Pit Viper Easter comments” sparked outrage on social media. However, most of the people are convinced that their Instagram account was hacked and Pit Viper’s controversial Easter post and comment was made by the hacker.

Pit Viper is famous sunglasses brand who have 667K followers on their Instagram page. During the past few days, the sunglasses retailer is facing backlash and criticism by Social media users for what people call “Pit Viper Easter Post or Pit Viper Easter comments.”

Several users are expressing their anger against the brand and asking their fellow members to boycott them. The hashtag “#breakthepits” was trending on Twitter (a way for people to join hands against Pit Viper).


However many people are still confused about what Pit Viper said on Easter Sunday which caused so much reaction. Here is the whole story about The Pit Viper Sunglasses’ Instagram post on Easter Sunday.

According to details, on Easter Sunday, a Picture of sunglasses was shared on Pit Viper Sunglasses Instagram page with a caption that caught the attention of many users.

The exact caption is far too explicit to link here, but it was essentially a long, x-rated, and very vulgar paragraph that was incredibly inconsiderate towards Jesus and Easter. People who read the paragraph were accusing Pit Viper Sunglasses of mocking Jesus and making fun of Easter.


Due to the nature of the Paragraph (which they posted on Instagram), we can not write it here. The post was deleted from their Instagram page a few hours after it was shared. However many people have taken the Screenshot already and shared it on social media and TikTok.

If you want to see exactly what Pit Viper sunglasses said in the Easter post, you can see it in this TikTok video or Screenshot in this tweet.

The post has been deleted by Pit Viper, but the brand has not yet spoken out about the controversy.

People React to Pit Viper Easter Comments

The Instagram post, made by Pit Viper on Easter Sunday, sparked outrage and anger among the people, and many people were seen breaking their sunglasses in reaction.


As a result, the #BreakThePits trend has emerged on social media that see people filming themselves breaking their Pit Viper sunglasses and uploading them to social media in retaliation. Watch one of the videos here.

“Videos of people breaking their pit viper sunglasses bc they made a joke about Easter is the funniest sh*t I’ve seen in a while,” wrote a Twitter user.

“Pit viper sunglasses are the ugliest things ever.
( yes I’m aware of how I look in my profile picture),” another user added.


A loyal customer of the brand asked them to speak and Clarify about their Easter post. A Twitter user wrote in the reply to one of their Tweet:

“Pit Viper i am a loyal customer and i have bought 5 pairs of pit vipers this year and y’all have to address the instagram thing before it gets more out of hand than it already is I beg yall please I see people hating on y’all left and right now and i need y’all to respond to this.”

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