Pleae go back, Indian army begs China military to leave Ladakh
Image: Social media

“Please go back” Indian army carries a banner begging Chinese army to leave the occupied Indian territories in Ladakh after more than 5,000 Chinese troops invaded and occupied several kilometres of area in Indian territories at LAC.

Border tensions rift between China and India as the Indian soldiers were shortly detained and beaten by the Chinese soldiers in Laddakh, the disputed territory between the two countries.

According to the sources, Chinese planes and helicopters reached Ladakh and China landed its troops on Mount Everest. Sources also said that Chinese troops landed at three different places including the Gallon River (Ladakh). Up to 5 km beyond the LAC.

Video: China-India Border tension.

China has set up about 100 tents at the site of the Gallon River alone. About 5,000 Chinese troops have entered Indian-occupied Ladakh.

Several  Indian soldiers were shortly detained by the Chinese soldiers, most of them escaped and saved their lives. The Chinese army is building underground bunkers.

Indian Army personnel was showing banners and beg the Chinese army to leave the area but the Chinese army did not respond, prompting Indian media to wail that China was increasing its military presence near the border with Tibet, while the Chinese side In Ladakh, Indian troops were stopped from patrolling.

The Indo-China border, also known as the Line of Actual Control, is the border between India and China.

It is the boundary between the former Indian-administered Nawab state of Jammu and Kashmir and the Chinese-administered territories.

SD Mani, a former professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University and an expert on international affairs, said the area is strategically important to India as it borders Pakistan, China’s Xinjiang, and Ladakh. Even during the 1962 war, this area of ​​the Gallon River was the center of the war.

It may be recalled that in 2019, 59 people, including women and children, were killed and 281 injured as a result of the ceasefire violations by the Indian Army on the LOC.

Earlier on March 17, India opened fire with heavy weapons on the Shahkot sector of the LoC in the Neelum Valley, killing Wajid Ali, a 20-year-old Pakistani soldier.


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