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    Pokémon Unite beginner’s guide: understand everything about the MOBA


    Pokémon Unite is now out and the term MOBA may not be familiar to you, so here is a little tutorial to teach you how to play without knowing much about it.

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    Pokémon Unite is a Pokémon MOBA but probably some of you don’t know about it. We, therefore, invite you to discover how to play this new game from the Pokémon license available on Switch and which will soon arrive on mobiles (iOS and Android).

    How to define Pokémon Unite?

    If ever the term MOBA is not for you, you can use the formula used by The Pokémon Company team. Indeed, rather than the name MOBA, they use the notion of team strategy combat. To put it simply, this is a game in which you will face other players or AIs in battles on a map. But first, you will have to choose your Pokémon before you go into battle and try to win.

    Card structure

    The map is structured symmetrically giving both teams the same half of the field. In this map, there are three basic paths (top, bottom, center). In general, you will rather go up or down since that is where you will find the enemy bases. Speaking of bases, each team has 5 bases distributed in a U or C shape (two at the top, two at the bottom, and one in the middle). Please note that the composition of the cards may vary depending on the card and the mode. In addition to the wild Pokémon located everywhere, special creatures can appear like Rotom or Electrhor.

    How is the game going?

    As we saw earlier, you have to choose a Pokémon from a list that will depend on your choices or the creatures you have unlocked. Of course, some will be available to all players for free for a while. It is also important to remember that no Pokémon can be present twice on the same team. For example, a Griknot is already in your team but you wanted to take it, in this case, you must choose another such as Jigglypuff, Pikachu or even Absol.

    What to do once in the game?

    You are now on the map, ready to fight but do you really know what you have to do? This is why we remind you of the rules of the game that you can also discover in the in-game tutorial.

    When you arrive in a game, you start at level 1 and from the start, you will have to choose an attack from the two offered. On Nintendo Switch, these attacks will have the R and ZR key slots. Now that you have an attack, you have to face Pokémon, whether opponents or wild creatures that are present on the map. Among these, in the beginning, you will find Capumain, Naméouïe, and Écrapince.

    To return to your attacks, you should know that they have an action zone in which they can hit.