One after another incident of bad attitude and misbehave of Punjab Police as a policeman threatens an elderly woman in Lahore outside Cheif police officer’s (CPO) office. A girl from Lahore, Tarhub Asgher captured the video and posted on her Twitter account. In the video a Police officer from Punjab Police showing bad attitude with an elderly woman and trying to threaten her. Here is the video

According to details, the old woman came to CPO office Lahore to register a complaint against Station head officer (SHO) of Raiwind police station for illegal encroachment on her house. The woman was not allowed to get into CPO office. While waiting outside, a junior police officer came and threaten her so she can leave without registering any complaint against SHO Raiwind police station. This is a tactic of illegal encrochers to keep their victims away from justice system and authorities.

Outside CPO office Lahore.

Posted by Naya Pakistan Forum on Thursday, September 5, 2019

The incident of extra-judicial murder of Salahuddin has already sparked a wave of anger among common citizens of Punjab and People are asking for police reforms. But Punjab Police doesn’t seems afraid from any step of accountability and keeping its usual behaviour with the citizens. One Twitter user responded to the Incident of Misbehaviour of policeman with elderly woman. He wrote “I have tried to report on citizen portal and received a call from DIG investigation office in response of my report. But the person from DIG office told me that they can’t take any action against this policeman as it is no incident to respond”.

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After the video of policeman misbehaving with elderly woman became viral on social, Spokesperson for Cheif minister Punjab, Dr Shahbaz Gill Responded. He told in his Tweet that mentioned policeman had been suspended and in the lockup now. Some users shared his picture on social media in which he is standing in Police Lockup.

Policeman got arrested for misbehaving with an elderly woman

However people questioning the temporary suspension of these type of culprits in Punjab Police. Because they get away after few days suspension and keep doing these things. People demanding a full set of reforms in whole Punjab Police.

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