Poonam Pandey mms / Disaster or Publicity Stunt


Getting Famous from Stripping Video clips Poonam Pandey keep doing publicity stunt every few months. People love when they hear Poonam Pandey mms leaked. At very beginning she started to get attention beforw the 2011 cricket world cup when she posted a video saying if India win world cup, she will strip nude for Indian cricket team.

Poonam Pandey
This is when she given offer to strip nude.

Poonam Pandey mms is breaking the internet. Last night Indian Film actress posted a one minute video mms in her Instagram then she deleted it. The mms of Poonam Pandey was already seen by many of her fans, so news broke out about that one minute sex tape with her boyfriend ( apparently she calling him as “Sam” ). The bold actress has done the same thing few months back and called it a mistake. But most of people were calling it a publicity stunt. It is a very ordinary way to stay in the news and many filmsars have done it before.

Poonam Pandey mms
Poonam Pandey with Shah Rukh Khan.

Poonam Pandey was a model who got fame when she promised to pose nude for members of the Indian cricket team, if they win the 2011 world cup. She is famous for her bold acting and stunts like this. The search ” Poonam Pandey mms ” is trending now on Google search and social media networks. So people got it right that she did this again as a publicity stunt.

Poonam Pandey Explains About her leaked mms.

She came live on her social media account this morning and explained about leaked mms. She said it was a prank, one of my friends did with me.

“I was with my friends last night and I gone downstairs to my car. I left the phone in the apartment. One of my friends did this as a prank with me” Poonam Explained.

Watch what more she said about her leaked sex tape of last night.

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Social Responses on Poonam Pandey mms Scandal.

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