What is Powersoft MinigameIn-house game development

    All functions that can be freely controlled can be implemented.

    Powersoft will help you with your challenges carefully. Game development costs are determined after consultation on game contents after inquiry, and we will do our best to satisfy you with the best features with minimal burden. has developed its own games by actively using its know-how in developing random number games in addition to its technology for solution development. For those who want to run their own style of game and business, but have not been able to realize it due to their own game development technology, conditions, or funds, PowerSoft has provided a service that develops and sells games instead.

    Minigames are available for all games on the 4 major sites, and can be duplicated in the same style if desired. In-house game development is limited to random number games, and if you specify the contents necessary for the game, such as the lottery source, lottery method, lottery time, animation, etc., we will develop and provide it accordingly.

    In the game market that changes day by day, they will be able to change the game of this market through new ideas rather than just taking what everyone else does.