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    Prop Disguise Fortnite – Where to talk to a Character to get a Prop Disguise

    Players’ best option is to use prop disguises when it comes to being sneaky and quiet in Fortnite. Once the spell is used, players will be turned into everyday objects that make it easy for them to blend in with their surroundings.

    Prop Disguise Fortnite - Where to talk to a Character to get a Prop Disguise

    Epic Games has decided to challenge players to become a Prop Disguise for Fortnitemares because it is so fun. Those who finish the task will get 15,000 XP as a reward.

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    How to get a Prop Disguise in Fortnite by talking to a Character – A step-by-step guide

    1) Land at either Greasy Grove or Chrome Crossroads.

    For the challenge to begin, players must choose where to land. Since there are only two POIs where you can find Prop Disguises, landing at either one will work. The only question is, which one is better?

    Greasy Grove is in the alien biome that is breaking down and has a lot of coverage because of the giant mushrooms. But these big mushrooms also make it hard to see. The high ground is easy for campers to take and use to shoot at other players in the area.

    On the other hand, Chrome Crossroads is a more open POI. Players can spot opponents with ease while moving within the area. That said, there are a few problems. Due to its closeness to the Herald’s Sanctum, gunfights may spread into the Point of Interest.

    At the end of the match, players must decide which location is better based on how they play and where the Battle Bus goes.

    2) Get essential items before you get a prop disguise.

    After choosing the POI, players should focus on getting supplies once they are on the ground. Since opponents will land in the area, it’s best to prepare before continuing the challenge.

    Find chests to get good weapons and ammo boxes to get bullets. Also, it would be wise to look for things that can help people get better. Some fruits or plants and Chug Splash should be enough.

    3) Go to Greasy Grove or Chrome Crossroads and talk to Guaco or Beach Bomber.

    Once you have your gear, the next step is to find the NPC in their POI. On the ground floor of the building on the western edge of Greasy Grove is where you can discover Guaco. Beach Bomber can be found at Chrome Crossroads on the floating platform.

    Even though these two NPCs are easy to find, players can use the minimap to find them if needed. On the map, they’ll show up as a white speech bubble. Still, it’s best to be careful around them because other opponents may be trying to take them on.

    4) Choose the “Prop Disguise” service and buy it with gold.

    After you find the NPC, talk to them and look for the service “Prop Disguise.” Turning it on will cost 75 gold. Buy it to finish the challenge and keep going with the rest of the game.

    Remember that the Prop Disguise will stay on until a player uses a weapon or item. If you shoot at them, the effect will also be cancelled.

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