21 years old boy who killed his father for PUBG
21 years old Raghuveer who killed his father for PUBG.

Webdesk: A PUBG addicted boy in India killed his father after the father attempted to prevent the boy from playing PUBG. According to details, the sad Incident happened in the Indian state of in Karnataka where a 21 years old boy Raghuveer killed his father after the father prevented him from Mobile video game PUBG. The boy beheaded his father and cut his legs. The mother of the boy saw the killing and screamed. The neighbours heard the screams and gathered. 21 years old Rafguveer was arrested later on by Karnataka police. Police have filed a case against the boy for the murder of his father Shankrappa Kumbar (51).

The boy was addicted to PUBG and it was putting bad impact on his studies. The father Shankrappa Kumbar was a retired police officer. He has informed the police about the PUBG addiction of his son a few days earlier.

PUBG addicted boy killed his family

Playerunknown’s Battleground (PUBG) is an online mobile, Xbox, a PC video game which became viral amongst the young boys and girls during the past few years. The players can join up to 100 other players and attempt military missions on unknown islands. The interesting thing about the game is that a player can make voice contact with fellow players during the game. This was one of the many reasons the game became popular and has millions of users now. But addiction of PUBG claimed many lives in the past few months. Here in the video below, are the complete details about the incident in which PUBG addicted boy beheaded his father in India.

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