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    Queen Elizabeth II skin in Fortnite – Is it true or blandish?


    Fortnite has had a lot of skins over the years, and they keep adding more to the Item Shop every season and every few days. There are unique cosmetics, community concept art, choices made by working together, and more.

    With the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II of England, many people wondered if there would be a skin of her in Fortnite at some point in the future.

    Queen Elizabeth II skin will be featured in Fortnite - Is it true or blandish?

    There are so many collaborative skins now that it seems odd if a person or character isn’t in Fortnite. The game has included SypherPK, LeBron James, Ninja, Naomi Osaka, Bruno Mars, Patrick Mahomes, and many more.

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    Fortnite won’t add the late Queen Elizabeth II.

    Many people have probably seen the tweets about how, after Queen Elizabeth II died, Fortnite made a new ICON Series skin for her.

    But at this point, it seems very unlikely that Queen Elizabeth will ever be skin in Fortnite. In a battle royale game, a person of that size would feel very out of place.

    Even though there are famous people in the title, Epic Games hasn’t added a politician yet. It would be strange to see a Queen Elizabeth skin in the game at any point, even to remember her death.

    That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though, because Epic has shown over and over that they can and will put almost anyone into the game. They’ve worked with great brands that most titles wouldn’t even try to get.

    On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth is a very important person, and it would be very hard to get her rights to her. There is probably a lot of red tape in that way, so Epic Games is probably not even going to try it right now.

    If you hear that a Queen Elizabeth skin is coming to Fortnite, it’s probably a hoax unless it comes from a reliable leaker or Epic Games.

    The skins that are already in Fortnite

    Here are the cosmetic items that come with the Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass and can be used to complete different sets:

    • Paradigm Outfit
    • Lunar Hyperjet Back Bling
    • The Para-Dive Contrail Paradigm Shift Wrap Paradigm’s Ascension Loading Screen Lunar Defender Harvesting Tool Bytes Outfit
    • Chromestruck Fire Glider
    • Stinger Pack Back Bling
    • The Nothing’s Gift Gathering Tool
    • Hot Slurp Balloon Glider
    • Grriz Outfit Grriz Outfit Grrizly Gooper Harvesting Tool
    • Fishbone Harvesting Tool for Flayers
    • Rose Light Daggers: A Tool for Gathering
    • Bun Bun Bang Ban Back Bling
    • Twyn Outfit
    • Arachrobatics Emote Gwen’s Spiderchute Glider
    • In the meantime, Back Bling (Reactive)
    • Spider-Gwen Outfit

    This season, the Item Shop will also get a lot of new skins, which could include Miles Morales, Black Panther, Black Adam, and many more.

    Right now, there are a lot of good skins to choose from. In this round of the Item Shop, you can find Jellie, Lace, Safari, Cobb, Mincemeat, Dreamer, and many more.

    Leaks suggest that this season will have a lot of great new looks, but Queen Elizabeth II won’t be one of them.

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