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    R kelly Video – R. Kelly was just found guilty on six counts in his federal child p*rnography trial

    R kelly video of child pornog*aphy was trending. R. Kelly was just found guilty on six counts in his federal child pornography trial. The alleged underage $exual assault victim of R. Kelly, who goes by the name “Jane” is at the center of his child pornography federal trial in Chicago.

    On multiple videotape clips, she can be heard apologizing to her alleged abuser. The graphic videotapes were shown to the jury on Friday at the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse. The public and the media were not allowed to see the tape, which had clips from three different videos. Instead, people in the courthouse heard sounds.

    Kelly is charged with forcing five minors to do sexual acts, and she is also charged with making child pornography. He, along with co-defendants Derrel McDavid and Milton Brown. He is also accused of getting child pornography as part of an alleged plan to find missing tapes that show R. Kelly having s*x with minors.

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    R. Kelly video – Explained

    Kelly and McDavid are also charged with obstructing justice because they are said to have paid off people who knew about Kelly’s alleged abuse and tried to stop the 2008 investigation into Kelly’s child p0rnography. All three men have said they are innocent.

    Jane, who was Kelly’s goddaughter, said she was the person on the tapes that were shown on Friday. She was 14 years old when they were filmed, which she said on Thursday. On the tapes played in court on Friday, Jane’s voice sounded young as she talked about her “14-year-old” body. It also includes her breasts and other genitalia. She said this several times while 17 clips from three different videotapes were shown. In some of the clips, Kelly could be heard confirming her age.

    In one clip, someone who looks like Kelly tells Jane to “turn around and get on her knees.” She is heard to ask, “Daddy, do you still love me?.” In another clip, he says, “Don’t move, or I’ll hit you really hard on the behind.” In other parts of the tapes, she can be heard saying “I’m sorry” to the man she says sexually abused her several times.

    R. Kelly has no mercy

    Some of the videos shown on Friday were at the center of Kelly’s 2008 child p0rnography trial. Where she was found not guilty (Jane did not testify in the 2008 trial. A major factor in his acquittal, jurors in that trial would later say.) Kelly often talked with his advisors and looked down at the table where he was sitting while the clips played.

    There was a lot of chaos before the tapes were played on Friday. Kelly supporters had been waiting in line for hours to get into court as the trial went on, and prosecutors kept asking U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber to clear the courtroom of the public and media because the tapes were allegedly child pornography. Leinenweber didn’t agree, so he blocked the public and media from seeing the videotapes on the video screens in the gallery. However, jurors and the legal teams were still able to watch.

    R. Kelly was just found guilty on six counts in his federal child p*rnography trial

    Kelly’s lawyer, Jennifer Bonjean, started her cross-examination of Jane, who testified on Thursday, earlier in the day. She used a series of texts that Jane allegedly sent to Kelly to show that the two stayed in touch until April 2019. Bonjean also said that her client didn’t always answer Jane’s text messages.

    R kelly Video - R. Kelly was just found guilty on six counts in his federal child p*rnography trial

    In February 2019, not long after the documentary Surviving R. Kelly came out, Jane allegedly sent Kelly a text message saying, “You need to call me right away or I’ll make my own decisions.” Bonjean asked Jane if this was a way for her to get paid to stay quiet. Jane said no. “I was going to tell the police what was going on because I didn’t want to keep believing his lies,” she said.

    Bonjean also brought up restitution, which Jane should be able to get if Kelly is found guilty, but Jane said she wasn’t sure if she would go after it yet. Later, Bonjean hinted that Jane’s lawyer had worked out a deal that gives her immunity from “anything.” Jane said calmly, “I’m telling the truth no matter what.”

    Bonjean also brought up a series of texts that Jane and Angel Krull, an assistant U.S. attorney at the time, sent each other. These texts showed that they were too friendly with each other. On redirect, the prosecutors tried to show that the text messages were about setting up dates and times for the trial.

    R. Kelly Defence

    Edwards, on the other hand, said in DeRogatis’ book Soulless: The Case Against R. Kelly that she was trying to protect her niece.

    On Thursday, Jane said she was the girl being $exually abused in the R kelly video at the center of Kelly’s 2008 child p0rnography trial (he was found not guilty of all charges). On Wednesday, after the opening statements, retired Chicago detective Daniel Everett testified to this claim. He said that he recognized Jane on the famous tape, which he got from DeRogatis in February 2002, from a two-year-old investigation into abuse claims against Kelly. In the year 2000, Jane and her parents said that Kelly had never hurt them in any way. Prosecutors say that Kelly and his friends gave money to Jane and her family so that they wouldn’t talk about the tapes.

    R kelly Video - R. Kelly was just found guilty on six counts in his federal child p*rnography trial

    Some of the four R kelly videos at the center of the new trial was shown to the jury on Friday. They were made when Jane was 14 years old, according to testimony. She said the $exual acts happened at Kelly’s then-home, in his recording studios, on tour buses, and in hotels.

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    Who is R.Kelly?

    Robert Sylvester Kelly (born January 8, 1967) is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer.

    Kelly’s three-decade catalog has sold over 75 million records worldwide, making him one of the world’s best-selling musicians. “I Believe I Can Fly” won three Grammys, and “You Are Not Alone” was recorded by Michael Jackson. Critics call him “the King of R&B,” while he calls himself the “Pied Piper of R&B.”

    R kelly Video - R. Kelly was just found guilty on six counts in his federal child p*rnography trial

    Kelly was accused of luring young followers, especially children, into inappropriate sexual encounters in the 1990s. He was acquitted of child pornography in 2008. Kelly avoided permanent consequences until 2019’s Surviving R. Kelly’s alleged sexual misbehavior with minors resurfaced. RCA Records dropped Kelly and law authorities in Additional York, Chicago, and Minneapolis pursued new criminal investigations against him. Federal authorities arrested Kelly in July 2019 and denied bail.

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    Twitter Reactions to R. Kelly video

    Many people are criticizing R.kelly because he did a shameful act. People are expressing their anger through tweets. They are also making memes of R.kelly Let’s explore some reactions to R.kelly’s video and enjoy.

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