Rabi Pirzada Video leaked

Rabi Pirzada video scandal began when several intimate (naked) videos of Rabi Pirzada leaked and became viral on social media. According to details, Pakistani singer came under massive criticism after her 4 private (intimate) Videos and several Nude pictures became viral on Facebook and Twitter on November 1, 2019. Watch highlights (covered) of Rabi Pirzada’s leaked Videos, below.

Rabi Pirzada Leaked video

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The leaked videos of Rabi Pirzada show that she is stripping her clothes and filming herself in a way to seduce her boyfriend. The first leaked video duration is around 2 and half a minute. Meanwhile, the other 3 videos clips of Rabi Pirzada are less than one minute each. It seems that Rabi Pirzada’s leaked videos were captured by the singer herself and recorded on different occasions for her boyfriend. It is suspected that Ex-boyfriend of Rabi leaked those videos on social media intentionally as he wanted to revenge.

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The 2nd video clip of “Rabi Pirzada Leaked Videos series” shows that she is dancing in a classic style while standing under the shower. She is performing alone in the video while playing a Bollywood song in the background. Rabi Recorded that video by her mobile phone camera. we can not upload the original video here because the video content is sensitive. But you can watch the highlights of 2nd leaked video of Rabi Pirzada, below.

In the other two clips of Rabi Pirzada, she can be seen doing inappropriate things which are highly objectionable by the general public. Her those actions became the main reason for criticism on her and fantasy among social media users.

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Several Naked pictures of Rabi Pirzada were also leaked along with her Naked videos. In some pictures, she is taking nude selfies with her friends. Watch some leaked Pictures of Rabi Pirzada, below. Due to the nature of the images, we covered the sensitive parts.

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Rabi Pirzada Explains About Her Leaked Intimate Videos.

A social media user told that Rabi Pirzada’s Videos and hot pictures were leaked by her ex-boyfriend who had the password of her iCloud account. But Rabi Pirzada came on media after her video scandal and explained that “she sold her old mobile phone and forget to erase her personal Data (including leaked private videos). The shopkeeper, later on, leaked those private videos of her on social media and in Whatsapp groups. Pakistani singer also told on media that she is going to approach the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) against the person who leaked her private videos.

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Explanation of Rabi Pirzada over her leaked private videos.

Public Reaction on Rabi Pirzada’s Leaked Private Videos

Social media users in Pakistan and India became excited after hearing About Rabi Pirzada’s leaked videos. Thousands of internet users rushed to Youtube, Google, Facebook and Twitter in order to find Rabi Pirzada’s intimate videos. The leaked videos were posted on Porn websites later on which are out of access in several countries. But many people who got those videos, they were sharing them in Whatsapp groups.

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Beside these fantasy seekers, there were many social media users who started Trolling Rabi Pirzada on her leaked videos. Hundreds of funny memes and hilarious jokes have emerged on Facebook and Twitter related to Rabi Pirzada video scandal. Watch some funny reactions on Rabi Pirzada’s leaked videos, below.

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But There were not all who made fun of Rabi. Soon after the video scandal became viral, Thousands of decent Pakistanis stood in the support of Rabi Pirzada. They were requesting fellow social media users to “not share those leaked videos of Rabi Pirzada”. Many people quoted that “she committed a mistake but it is human nature to commit mistakes and learn from them. Hundreds of people were running a trend on Twitter with the hashtag #iamrabipirzada. Wach some Tweets in the support of Rabi Pirzada, below.

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On November 4, 2019, After the Massive criticism on her video scandal, Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada announced to quit Showbiz in a tweet on her official Twitter Page. In her Tweet, she said: “May ALLAH forgive my sins and soften the hearts of people in my matter”

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