Rabi Pirzada's private videos leaked

Rabi Pirzada nude videos and hot pictures leaked on social media. According to Details, Pakistani pop singer and social media celebrity Rabi Pirzada (Rabi Peerzada) came under massive criticism when her nude videos and Nude pictures Got leaked and became viral on social media at very1st day of November 2019. Social media users were sharing her nude videos and pictures on Facebook and Twitter, while many others were criticising her for self-filming these intimate videos. Watch Rabi Pirzada leaked video, below.

Video: Rabi Pirzada Nude Videos and photos leaked on social media.

Note: Because of the sensitivity of some scenes and for the privacy of the person, we can not post the clear video here.

What is Actually happening in Rabi Pirzada’ leaked Nude videos

Leaked nude videos of Rabi Pirzada shows that she is stripping her clothes off at the beginning of her leaked video. After removing her shirt she is performing some dance steps in Bikini. Her body language shows as she is trying to seduce her boyfriend by these bold and nude steps.

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The second nude video of Rabi Pirzada shows that she is carrying some Dildo (Sex toy) in her hand and performing seductive actions by moving the Dildo on her body parts. It seems that 4 and Half minutes long hot video is a combination of several hot clips which she recorded at different moments and later merged them into one video clip.

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In other leaked video clip “allegedly Rabi Pirzada’s sex video“, she can be seen taking bath and filming herself nude. Of course, we can not upload those parts of the video because of the sensitive scenes. The last video of Rabi Peerzada nude videos shows that she is laying nude in some bedroom and two of her friends (a male and a Female) are taking selfies with her.

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Along with her leaked nude videos, some social media users posted her hot pictures also which were leaked at the same time with her videos. Watch some hot pictures of Rabi Pirzada, below.

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Public reactions on Rabi Pirzada video and leaked Hot Pictures.

Leaked nude videos of Rabi Pirzada became viral on social media within a few hours and several social media pages and YouTube channels posted the sex video of Rabi after editing its sensitive parts.

Social media users and commentators came up with different Responses on her Leaked videos and pictures. Some social media users say that she leaked her videos intentionally to seek the attention of the public. Meanwhile, others say that it got leaked from her boyfriend for whom she posed and filmed these hot video clips. Watch the reactions of some social media users on Rabi’s nude videos, below.

Response on Rabi Peerzada’s leaked video

The Twitter user Kainat Salim revealed that nude videos of Rabi Pirzada and her hot pictures were shared by her ex-boyfriend who had Rabi’s iCloud’s password. Kainat Salim requested other people to not to share Rabi Pirzada’s sex video clips and hot nude pictures.

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On another hand, one of Rabi’s friend claimed that her nude videos and photos were shared in a WhatsApp group mistakenly. Admin of the WhatsApp group got panicked and he couldn’t force Group’s members to delete her video and her nude pictures.

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But there were thousands of Pakistanis who stood behind Rabi and asked other people to stop sharing her nude videos and pictures on social media, WhatsApp groups and with their friends. “Every human does mistakes so Rabi also did, we should respect her privacy and shouldn’t share her Nude videos and pictures with others”.

Video : Response on Rabi Pirzada’s Nude videos and pictures.

A Twitter user Barfi Says: “Stand for Rabi Pirzada and stop trending her nudes or you will go to hell for doing this”.

Was Rabi’s Criticism on DG ISPR Became the reason for leaking Rabi Pirzada’s Nude video?

Some fans of Rabi Pirzada came up with a strange allegation. They blamed DG ISPR for the Leaked nude video of Rabi Pirzada. They say that “Rabi Pirzada’s videos became leak because she had an argument with DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor on October 31. A few days ago, Pakistani actress Neelam Muneer performed an Item Song for new upcoming Pakistani movie “Kaaf Kangana“.

After the hot video of the song, Neelam Muneer said: “she did this item song for ISPR and Pakistan army“. The statement of Neelam Muneer drove massive criticism against her.

However, after the public criticism on Neelam Muneer, DG ISPR Maj General Asif Ghafoor came up with an explanation and said ISPR and Pakistan army has nothing to do with the performance or the statement of Neelam Muneer. Watch his tweet below.

Here, Rabi Pirzada entered and criticised director General ISPR (DG ISPR). She said: “he is defending Neelam Muneer”. Watch Rabi’s Criticism on DG ISPR, below.

Fans of Rabi Pirzada claim that she criticised DG ISPR on October 31 and at the very next day, her nude video became leaked on social media.

Response of Rabi Pirzada on her Nude Videos Leaks.

At the first instant, Rabi Pirzada didn’t give any statement on her leaked nude videos and pictures. But her 88 thousand followers on her Twitter account were tagging her and asking her point of view on these viral nude video clips and Nude pictures.

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Finally, Rabi Pirzada broke the silence and issued a statement regarding her leaked Nude Videos and photos on November 2, 2019. Rabi Pirzada told media that “she sold out her phone but she forgot to delete her nude videos and private pictures from that phone. The shopkeeper who bought her phone saw those videos and later leaked them on social media.

She said that she feels ashamed about the incident and requested the people not to share those Nude Videos and photos on social media. She also Tweeted on her official Twitter account quoting a Hadith about covering someone’s mistakes.

The response of Rabi Pirzada on her leaked Nude Videos and pictures.

She also published an apologising tweet on November 3, 2019, quoting “I am sorry for being me”.

“May ALLAH Forgive My Since” Rabi Pirzada Quits Showbiz

After this big scandal of Leaked Video and Social media trolls, Rabi Pirzada announced to quit Showbiz on Monday, November 4, 2019. She announced her decision in a tweet asking forgiveness Of ALLAH (GOD) on her sins. She also added a prayer in her tweet: “May ALLAH soften the heart of people about me“.


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