American rapper Silento's bussy video leaked on social media

American Rapper Silento’s bussy video and pictures leaked and went viral on social media. On the day when Silento was arrested for assault, his Bussy pictures and video emerged on social media. Rapper Silento is alleged to have swung a hatchet at two people inside their home in Los Angeles.

What is In Silento’s Leaked Bussy video and Pictures?

Silento’s leaked bussy video and pictures show him involved in some disgusting actions. The reason people making fun of him is the shape of his Bussy which he is showing in his leaked video by lifting his legs. That’s why people invented the term “Silento Bussy Leaked video, Silento’s Buddy Pictures and Silento Bussy leaks.”

Initial reports suggest Silento’s girlfriend leaked his bussy video and pictures that is why he was looking for his girlfriend with a hatchet which leads to his arrest. However, it was not confirmed yet because some sources reported that some hacker leaked his bussy video and pictures. Watch the video, below.

Video: Rapper Silento’s Bussy video and pictures leaked

Meanwhile, Silento’s Bussy pictures are the sscreenshots from his purported video.

Due to the nature of the video and pictures, we can’t upload it complete here, But you can watch Silento’s leaked bussy video complete on this Timeline. Also, You can See Silento’s leaked Buddy Pictures on this timeline.

What is “Bussy”

For those that don’t know what a bussy is – it’s short for a “boy p***y”, and it’s the colloquial name that many gay men give to their anus.

Public Reaction over Silento’s Bussy Leaks

People are making fun of Silento and posting funny memes regarding Silento’s Bussy leaked Pictures and video. See some tweets, below.

Twitter user ‘Middle Child’ wrote, tweet reads: “whoever leaked rapper Silento’s bussy online is a devil😭😭😭 my day is ruined , now i have to leave enternet for the day.”

Another Twitter user “Certified lover girl” wrote: not me waking up to see Silento’s leaked bussy on my tl.”

Who is Silento?

Richard Lamar “Ricky” Hawk, better known as Silentó or Prince Silentó, is an American rapper and singer. He is best known for his debut single “Watch Me”, which charted at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100 with over 2 billion views only on YouTube. He later released a project titled Fresh Outta High School in August 2018 after some delay.

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