• American Rapper, Uzzy Marcus’ brother, Raymond Weber’s video went viral
  • Uzzy Marcus Brother’s live video sent the viewers into frenzy
  • In the live video, Uzzy Marcus’ brother can be seen committing an heinous crime while streaming live on Instagram
  • Raymond Weber, the brother of Uzzy Marcus, has been arrested after his live video while committing the crime, appeared on social media.
Uzzy Marcus brother killed 2 women live on instagram
Rapper Uzzy Marcus brother Killed 2 Women live on instagram

According to details, the 29-year-old, Raymond Michael Weber, brother of the popular Sacramento rapper Uzzy Marcus, was arrested Saturday morning and is expected to be charged with the murder of two youn2 women in a Vacaville, California apartment complex, evidence is a live video on instagram.

According to further details, A video online surfaced that purports to show Uzzy Marcus’ brother at the murder scene, after allegedly killing two women – on Instagram Live.

In the video, Raymond is seen saying that the murdered girls “set him up.”


We can’t post video here due to its graphic nature but you can watch Uzzy Marcus brother’s live video complete here or on This Twitter account.

Solano County Jail booking information shows the Vacaville Police Department arrested Raymond at 8:32 a.m. in an apartment in the complex, after a police standoff.

He faces two counts of first degree murder. He was also arrested on a warrant for several felonies, including domestic assault.


As of Saturday evening, Weber remains in the Solano County Jail, where he is held without set bail. His court date is set for Tuesday, Feb. 2 at 1:30 p.m. in Solano Superior Court.

Raymond’s brother, 25-year-old Marcus Weber, is a local rapper who goes by the name “Uzzy Marcus.” 

Marcus Weber is currently in the Sacramento County Jail, held on no bail, accused of several felonies including endangering the life or health of a child and possession of a firearm by a felon.


Who is rapper Uzzy Marcus?

Rapper Uzzy Marcus, whose real name is Marcus Weber, is a little-known rapper, originally from Sacramento but based in Los Angeles.

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