Raven Celine viral video on Twitter – TikTok star Raven Celine video goes viral

    Raven Celine video is currently trending on Twitter (X) and people are reacting to the viral video with hilarious comments. Raven Celine is an Instagram model, content creator and TikTok star.

    Who is Raven Celine

    Raven Celine is a TikTok personality known for former dance videos and lip syncs from films and music. Some of her most popular videos did “clap back” at her critics. She earned more than 80,000 followers on her former imfinnagetoffthisapp account.  She has 167K followers on Twitter where her Twitter handle is @ThroatbabyRaven.

    TikTok star Raven Celine

    She is now on Onlyfans where she sells her videos and pictures.


    She launched her imfinnagetoffthisapp TikTok account in March 2022. Her first video featured her complaining about the weather in Oklahoma. 

    In May 2022, she posted a TikTok doing a graduation celebration dance. In April 2022, she posted a lip sync featuring dialogue from the 2006 film The Break-Up featuring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. Her TikToks featured music from artists including Nardo Wick and Chief Keef. 

    Raven Celine viral video

    On November 25, 2023, Raven Celine posted a video on Twitter which went viral on social media platforms like a wildfire.

    The video shows Raven Celine eating a banana like a hungry person. Within few hours, It has been viewed by 90,000 people so far. The video caption asks viewers to subscribe to her Onlyfans page if they want the extended version and more of Raven Celine videos.