PML-N under the leadership of Shahbaz Sharif, distributed safety kits in the hospitals to stay protected by Coronavirus and promoted their donation on the social media widely.

video: Corona Safety Kits provided to Hospitals by PML-N

But a journalist Hamid Khan exposed the reality of so-called corona safety kits in a video. Making fun of PML-N, Hamid Khan opened a box (Safety Kit) provided by PML-N during a press conference. The box contains a mini bottle of sanitizer, a mask and a pamphlet advertising PML-N.

Earlier at the end of March, PML-N started a fund raising campaign in order to collect money and provide safety kits to the hospitals so that medical staff could be protected by Coronavirus.

Since past few days, PML-N has distributed 10 Thousand Corona Safety Kits in the hospitals.

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