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    Reality Tree Fortnite – Fortnite taking over the Reality Tree

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    What began as a beautiful tree on the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 island that was only in one biome has now spread to almost every POI. The roots of the Reality Tree can be seen all over the island, and every time a new tree grows, reality changes on a whim.

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    Leaks say that only three Reality Tree sprouts are left to show up on the map. When it’s done, the tree will have reached across the island. “What’s next?” is the only question that’s left. There’s no way to know, but a few things are likely to happen.

    Fortnite taking over the Reality Trees

    Almost all of the Fortnite island has been taken over by Reality Tree.

    As was said, the Reality Tree’s roots have spread all over the island. Only a few can be seen above ground; most are tucked away and out of sight below ground. They are probably making a complex network of roots, just like plants.

    So far, this hasn’t caused any problems, but it is scary because the Reality Tree is mighty. By August 6, something is likely to happen when the roots entirely cover the island. Here are what people think right now:

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    1) The Bloomwatcher will show up.

    The Bloomwatcher, as the community has called the villain of Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3, is likely to be revealed in the next few days. Since a while ago, this thing has been pulling the strings from behind the scenes. It’s not clear what they want, but it probably isn’t something good.

    Even though there isn’t much official information about this thing, there are hints about who or what it is. They look a lot like The Bloom Outfit from the game, so it seems likely that they are Pluxarian. Maybe they are the leader of their race, or maybe they are just another “bad guy” in a long line.

    1) The Bloomwatcher will show up.

    No matter what happens, Epic will probably start the next stage of the season by revealing the main villain once the Reality Tree’s roots cover the whole island. They should accept the name the community has given them and stick with it.

    2) Things will change on a large scale

    If Reality Trees in isolated POIs can change the reality of those POIs at will, think what a network of them could do in Fortnite. This is a long shot, but maybe once the roots of The Reality Tree cover the whole island, reality will change in a big way.

    Instead of a few POIs changing their theme every match, the island itself will change its reality on a whim. This will be interesting since the map’s creators will be free to make many changes.

    2) Things will change on a large scale

    Since Fortnite’s reality will change, it’s possible that anything could be added to the game once reality changes on a large scale. Maybe old NPCs and weapons from the original game could be brought back for a short time, or iconic POIs could be brought back on a rotating basis.

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