Repair Vehicles in Fortnite – How to repair vehicles in Fortnite? Complete Guide

    Repair vehicles in Fortnite – People who play Fortnite can sometimes find themselves in different roles. Depending on the challenge, they can play various roles, from animal whisperers to mechanics. Even though it’s fun to fight other players in a Battle Royale scenario, it can sometimes get boring. Here’s where these challenges based on lore come in.

    In the first week of Chapter 3 of Season 4 of Fortnite, players have to take on the role of a mechanic and fix vehicles. When they finish, they will get 20,000 XP. This is the most interesting and easiest challenge of the week since they only have to fix 350 units.

    Fortnite Vehicles - How to repair vehicles in Fortnite? - Complete Guide

    To fix cars, players need to use a repair torch. This utility item was added in Chapter 3, Season 2 of Fortnite. It can fix vehicles and metals. If a repair torch is used on something that isn’t metal, it can start a fire and hurt things.

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    How to repair cars in Fortnite: a guide

    Repair vehicles in Fortnite – This challenge is easy, and players should be able to finish it in one game. To finish this task, players must do the following:

    • Get hold of a Repair Torch.
    • Find a car and fix it up.

    How to Get a Repair Torch?

    A Repair Torch should be easy to find because it drops from the floor and can be found all over the map. The utility item is more likely to be found in a gas station or a Fortnite POI with many people.

    A Repair Torch can be found in floor loot. Fortnite Vehicles Reparation

    It can also appear in chests and red toolboxes, and players can pick up one that someone else has dropped. It can be filled up at any gas station and has 200 units of fuel.

    Fortnite Vehicles - How to repair vehicles in Fortnite? - Complete Guide

    Repair A Car

    After getting a Repair Torch, Fortnite players will need to find the vehicle. They should know that a car can only be fixed if broken. They can either look for it or find a new one and kill it with their harvesting tool, which is the fastest option.

    Since the vehicle needs 350 units worth of repairs, the players should do enough damage to it. Once it’s broken, they’ll need a Repair Torch to fix it.

    Players must put on the item and walk up to the vehicle to do this. When you get close to it, a repair option should show up. They will have to hold on to the torch until the screen shows the message “Challenge Finished.”

    This is the easiest challenge on the list, and if players time it right, they can do two different tasks in a single Fortnite match. They can speed up the process by dropping in a “hot drop zone” and getting a “Repair Torch” immediately.

    In this case, the best place to go is a gas station. A gas station is a good place to find useful items and vehicles, with one near every major point of interest. They can also do more damage to the car faster by firing at it. But they should be careful not to destroy it.

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