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    Review of Andor episode 5 – The best Star Wars television series to date is saved by its languid pace

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    Review of Andor episode 5 – Andor could be criticized for many things (but isn’t), but not for its smart writing, which is better than even the best Star Wars shows and movies. The release of the fifth episode on October 5, 2022, is the prequel to Rogue One. A Star Wars Story continues to look at small changes in the huge Star Wars universe while carefully sticking to the pace set up front.

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    The fifth episode of “The Legend of Andor” was different from almost everything that made the first film great. This show is very different from others because it has a steady pace. Goes into detail about the political and family situation and doesn’t have a hero to follow.


    But these may be the things that make this 40-minute episode better than most of what came out of the Star Wars franchise.

    Review of Andor episode 5

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    Andor episode 5: A lesson in how to make a beautiful movie

    Suppose you thought that a sci-fi or “space opera” needed to turn off the lights and jump right into big fights to be interesting. The new episode of Andor will show you that you’re wrong. Even though the best thing about this series is that all the episodes before this one have been able to avoid the tricks of typical action shows. This episode is brave enough to slow down even more.

    Review of Andor episode 5 - The best Star Wars television series to date is saved by its languid pace

    Yes, this may make it less appealing to some people. But the episode is even better than the great ones before it. The pace slowed down so that the show could focus on some of the more hidden parts of the characters and the world.

    For example, Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) is pushed to the background in this episode. But it still captures the essence of a family drama with an opposing leader trapped in a room with other right-wing idealists in a very beautiful way. It’s just that there are words instead of blasters.

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    Review of Andor episode 5

    At the start of the episode, Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) and Eedy (Kathryn Hunter) are having a very interesting conversation at Syril’s house. The set is very well made, and there is a lot of detail everywhere. Cassian (Diego Luna) is on screen a lot in this episode. But the show keeps pointing out that it’s not just about him. With that in place, the whole story changes over this episode’s 40 minutes.

    Review of Andor episode 5

    Some major characters who were important to the story in the last couple of episodes have also been moved back to show how Andor tends to act. The episode may have benefited from a more consistent examination of the problems within the Empire’s ranks. In the previous episodes, there were these small bits of political tension, to be honest. They added a lot of weight to a premise that was already full.

    This episode was in no way boring. It was a great movie with a great script that helped all the characters. Whether they were rebels or bad guys, show different sides of themselves. It also ended up making the universe bigger than ever before. It’s hard to see how this show could go wrong in the days to come. It should be the best Star Wars series ever made by the time it’s over.

    On Disney+, you can now watch the fifth episode of the show Andor.

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