Rollercoaster crash in Germany Legoland – 36 got injured

    Recently an incident occurred in the southern Germany Legoland amusement park Rollercoaster crash, and at least 36 people got injured.

    On Thursday, at a Legoland amusement park in southern Germany, two rollercoaster trains crashed into each other. At least 34 people were hurt, and two were hurt very badly.

    The German news agency DPA said that one train slammed on its brakes, which caused another train to crash into it in a park in Guenzburg.

    There were three helicopters and fire and rescue teams sent to the scene. It wasn’t clear right away why the plane crashed. A park representative told DPA it happened in the Fire Dragon roller coaster station. In another rollercoaster accident in Germany last week, a woman died at an amusement park in Klotten.

    Rollercoaster crash

    The woman, who was 57 years old, fell out of the moving roller coaster car and died from her injuries. No one knows what caused the crash yet.

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    Rollercoaster Crash At least 34 died.

    Two more than 30 individuals injured in the collision between two rollercoaster trains at an amusement park in southern Germany were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

    Rollercoaster Crash At least 34 died.

    According to DPA, a roller coaster accident occurred at Legoland Germany in Gunzburg when one train suddenly used emergency brakes, causing another train to crash into it.

    With at least 34 people hurt, authorities dispatched three helicopters and called in fire and rescue crews.

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    What caused the crash was first unclear.

    The crash was pathetic, but no one knows the reason behind it. The park spokesman said it happened at the Fire Dragon ride’s station. Children must be at least eight years old to ride the roller coaster unaccompanied and at least six years old to ride with an adult.

    What caused the crash was first unclear.

    This past week, a woman in Klotten, southwest Germany, passed away after an accident on a rollercoaster. A woman, 57 years old, died after she was thrown from a moving roller coaster. The incident’s root cause remains unknown.

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