Ronnie Mund Twitter – Ronnie Mund Twitter Pranked Explained


“The Limo Driver” Ronnie Mund recently bid goodbye to a buddy and fellow p**n fan on Twitter while also introducing a brand-new prank devised by his coworkers, Jon Blitt and Chris Wilding. 

“Emilio was a wonderful person who was always a huge part of the Twitter community.” He enjoyed posting pictures of attractive women. The 72-year-old Stern Show employee wrote at one point, “He will always be missed.” “Happy Wednesday!” Emilio, my friend, rest in peace, “he subsequently said.

As Howard described Monday morning, Emilio was more than Ronnie’s internet companion. He also provided much of the obscene content that ended up on the longtime limo driver’s social media account. Howard explained, “This man used to give Ronnie tweets of gorgeous girls to retweet.” “For all of Ronnie’s creepy fans, it was a sad day.”

Ronnie assured listeners that Emilio’s presence in the internet porn community would not be forgotten anytime soon. “I know they’re keeping the account open as a tribute to Emilio right now,” he said. “Hopefully his son will take over the account and start posting some pictures.” 

“Do you want your son to take over when you leave?” co-host Robin Quivers inquired. 

“No,” Ronnie said, laughing. 

Unfortunately, Ronnie’s latest tweets were not always as courteous as his tributes to Emilio. Howard’s longtime limo driver had been unwittingly retweeting everything from scantily clad images of notorious Nazi Eva Braun and accused murderer Casey Anthony to Photoshopped porn photos with hidden messages like “Ronnie is a dumb fuck” and “We are goofing on you, dummy,” as Jon and Chris revealed Monday. He even retweeted a filthy photo featuring the likeness of employee Jason Kaplan.

Chris explained that he and Jon constructed false Twitter accounts with identities like “Ronnie Is Elderly,” sought the cooperation of artist and Stern Show superfan David Glantz, and eventually duped Ronnie into retweeting over 50 altered photographs. 

“We used self-censorship. According to Jon, “We could have done a lot worse. 

Ronnie didn’t look over the photos. “He didn’t see the messages that were hidden.” “He retweeted it with no trouble,” Chris explained to Howard, adding that the changes were sometimes so blatant that even Ronnie’s fans noticed. They even duped him into retweeting a doctored video of Ronnie with one of his favourite Cher songs playing in the background. 

This is a lesson for you. “Before you tweet these photographs, take a look at them,” Howard concluded. 

“Believe me, believe me.” Ronnie said, “I’m going to start looking at this shit with a magnifying lens right now,” later adding, “They’re going to keep trying.” It’s only going to get worse from here. “