Rosie Gabrielle viral video While Converting to Islam

Rosie Gabrielle converts to Islam

Famous Video blogger and Canadian Solo-bike Traveller Rosie Gabrielle just converted to Islam this month (January 2020). The video if Rosie Gabrielle while converting to Islam became viral on social media. Watch the video, below.

Video: Rosie Gabrielle converts to Islam

Rosie Gabrielle published her video on her YouTube channel anf wrote “this is my Shahadah (testifies that she believes one true God, ALLAH Almighty andProphet Muhammad P.B.U.H is ALLAH’s last messenger to mankind).

Rosie Gabrielle travelled from Canada to Pakistan alone on a heavy bike. Also, Watch American Singer Jennifer Grout Converts to Islam.

Rosie Gabrielle travelled from Canada to Pakistan alone on a heavy bike
Image: social media

She also wrote:

“I feel its so important to share the truth that is Islam, which is peace, love and oneness. It is one of the most critized, osterzied, and misunderstood religions worldwide from both non Muslims AND Muslims !!! As in any religion, there are many interpretations and personal views/sects, which is not the true teachings of God, this is Human flaw. And its taking away from the true essence of God and Humanity, which is oneness and equality for all, instead its creating division. I’ve been on a deep spiritual path now for many years, and after spending so many years in a Muslim country, especially after traveling Pakistan, I learnt so much. So much about my own self, God and what Islam really is- FROM THE FIRST HAND PERSPECTIVE. YES, maybe HUMANS do bad things in the name a religion- this is in every case, but it is not fair to condemn and judge an entire nation of people because of some bad choices or impersonators. I suggest you do not listen to those who preach, whether it be some “guru” or the media…. find your own truth by seeking Divine guidance and go deep within. Find the real truth before making presumptions, this only makes one look very angry and upset- which- I’m sure you are… the world is full of HATE, FEAR, INTOLERANCE, PAIN, and everyone wants to blame someone else!! BUT. what we fail to see is. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. No matter what we believe. So lets put aside the prejudices and instead of hate, evoke a question inside that says- This is a human being, created by God, one with all, who has witnessed and gone through pain in their life, and they’re just trying to do the best they can. If they see solace through a religion that in turn makes them a good person who does nothing love and want love. So be it. let’s all be here to support eachother. And that certainly does not mean telling someone HOW to practice or beleive. A path is a special path between you and GOD, no one can judge or tell you what to do. step by step, by learning and growing you will find your truth. This is mine 🙂 I hope you enjoy, Rosie Gabrielle said while posting her video.”

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